Restrooms at stadium in shameful shape

Editor, the Advocate:

As a regular attendee at baseball events at Riverside Stadium, may I suggest that you use the restroom before you attend a ball game, wash your hands before you go also, because they will be much more filthy after using the sinks! On April 3, I noticed that the City Staff did not clean the men's restroom before the Victoria East game vs Calhoun High School. On Tuesday, April 10, Victoria East vs Gregory-Portland the city employees had not even emptied the trash cans in the restroom or the courtyard areas from the week before.

After the Gregory-Portland game, I overheard two ladies say that the women's restroom was dirty and that they would stop on the way back to Gregory.

I think that this is a shame to happen! But whatever, the City of Victoria is in control. Maybe the parks director and his staff should have to use the restrooms for themselves!

Jack Daniels, Victoria