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  • So lets see if we can follow a timeline here... monday a group of illegals run in Goliad and 18 of the 22 get away by crossing the river. A body is found dumped in Goliad tuesday evening and is only found because the "illegal" immigrants ,"illegal "brother (who lives in Virgina?!?!) is notified of his brothers death after the rest of the group arrive to Houston and he then calls the local authorities. So seems like they hunkered down 1 night and then got another "coyote" to haul them the rest of the way to Houston and they left him where he could be found. Wonder if the body here at Garcitas Creek could be from this group? "Large amounts of sand near him" (you mean like creek sand from the San Antonio River) ???? I guess on their way to Houston another one passed away as well, and they also left him where he could be found.Sad that another 2 illegal immigrants have to die because they are running away from breaking the law. Quit breaking the law and having to run and speed and hide, getting packed into trucks like sardines and these tragedies will stop!

    August 17, 2012 at 4:54 p.m.