• • Albert Alvarez asked in a letter to Editor
    • Editor, the Advocate Why didn't I vote? Because I do not trust either of the candidates or any president since I've been alive. It seems to me that presidents put on a show. It's more of who can put on a more presentable speech during a debate and how many hands they can shake
    • A poster who posts as Born2 me among other non de plumes but always chooses to stay anonymous feels the same way about the honesty and integrity of ALL politicians of ALL parties “""There is not a politician alive that didn't get where they are by being totally honest and pure. Dishonesty is part of the game played by all politicians." This is born's aka Suzy (Another anonymous name) written opinion published on here about 2 years ago of ALL politician at the same time She also has stated several as suzy (aka borm etc)and keeps repeating that "All politicians are crooks" But she also has repeatedly said she has never voted for a Repub and never will. That the Democrat are for the 'common person" whoever that is. Which way is it suzy? suzy quote "Politicians are in it for themselves and whoever gives them the most contributions. The average American is not their priority" but she seems to have a child like faith in the Democrat party(all a bunch of crooks according to her) being able and willing to solve all the problems of the "Average American
    • suzy":politicians put their best foot forward during elections, con the voters into believing they stand for certain things, and then when they get elected, turn into something entirely different.
    How is anyone to make an informed decision, knowing that special interest groups, lobbyests and other big-money entities will get their way anyway, no matter what was said during the campaign?Evidently no problem for Born says she always just votes for the Democrat.crooks and liars "

    Roy Mark

    December 7, 2012 at 4:08 p.m.