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Chomp! PumpHouse serves good scene for Sunday brunch

By by jessica rodrigo/
Dec. 12, 2012 at 6:12 a.m.

The pumped up hash plate at the PumpHouse is one of many signature plates offered on the Sunday brunch menu. It had pulled pork with onions, bell peppers and hashbrowns served under two eggs with toast. Hearty. I don't think I was hungry again until dinner.

Whisper the words, "Sunday brunch" in my ear, and instantly images of polished steel buffet servers with overflowing trays of bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs fill my mind. Carving and omelette stations are busy with lines of diners ready to be wowed with fresh cuts of meat and fluffy eggs folded around their favorite fixings. Utter the words, "Sunday brunch at the PumpHouse," and be prepared not for a buffet, but for a menu that caters to almost every diner's palate.

Brunch at the PumpHouse is a must in the Victoria. If you're visiting on a weekend, do make it a point to stop in and enjoy one of Victoria's hidden gems. Kat's dad, Ray, was in town this past weekend and she filled his visit with things visitors to Crossroads should see during their less-than-two-day appearance. She took him to Goliad State Park to see the missions and popped in to see what Goliad's Market Days had to offer, then returned to Victoria for dinner and a movie. The next day, she brought him to PumpHouse for brunch.

Luke and I shared the table and shot the breeze with them for about three hours. It was Luke's and my first time at the PumpHouse for brunch, and I was surprised it wasn't a buffet. But I was not disappointed.

The menu includes waffles, signature plates, omelettes and burgers. The waffles had me hankering something sweet, but in the end, I ordered the Pumped Up Hash, which was the kind of like a corned beef hash, but with pulled pork, onions, peppers and potatoes. I asked if I cold get the bell peppers taken off, but my server told me they were already mixed in and couldn't be taken out. I told him I was going to eat it no matter what and that it was fine. It was served with two eggs - cooked over easy, the way I like 'em - and toast. Kat and her dad ordered the Texas Benedict plate, and Luke ordered the PumpHouse breakfast.

While we waited for our meals to arrive, we enjoyed the overcast sky and the breeze (and randoms gusts of wind that blew leaves onto our table).

We had a few rounds of coffee and talked about the goings on at work and other things that came up like Kat's trip to California for Christmas and Luke's upcoming snowboarding trip (if there is enough snow come March) with me.

When our food came out, our conversation paused momentarily then resumed as soon as everyone was happy. Despite the constant chatter and laughing at our table, we all gobbled up our eats and killed about two pots of coffee between the four of us.

If the weather is nice and the breeze won't blow your napkin off your lap, eat on the patio. I hope it made Ray feel at home (a little bit) seated in high above the Guadalupe River. I know it's not Santa Monica, Calif., but it's always nice to get away, right?

Jessica Rodrigo is the Chomper for the Victoria Advocate. She is always looking for gems in the Crossroads that serve stellar eats and treats. Send your ideas to or tweet me, @eatseatseats.



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