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Victoria resident Bridey Greeson cinches world title


Dec. 18, 2012 at 6:18 a.m.

Bridey Greeson and American Quarter Horse A Copper Spoonful cut cattle during the National Cutting Horse Association World Finals in Fort Worth. Greeson, of Victoria, was named world champion in the amateur division.

Bridey Greeson needs a new New Year's resolution. She crossed the old one off her list.

The Victoria resident fulfilled a lifelong dream on Dec. 9 when she and American Quarter Horse A Copper Spoonful took the amateur division world championship title at the National Cutting Horse Association World Finals.

"This is something I've always wanted to do. I wanted to win a world title," she said. "I figured it was now or never."

The road to that win began Dec. 27 when Greeson left Victoria for a year-long show circuit. Although enjoyable, the schedule was virtually nonstop.

"We showed every single weekend except for one in June," she said, noting shows also took place throughout the week. "It was not uncommon to be in one place one day and drive 12 hours through the night to make another show."

She put 55,000 miles on her then-new truck throughout 2012, plus travel via air and horse.

Time spent between shows went toward working with the horses and trainers, honing in her skills and doing what she could to cinch the big win.

Competition was tough both physically and mentally, she said, and it became nerve wracking to watch others inch toward her point totals.

"It's fun but, once you're No. 1, you feel like there's a target on your back," she said. "When you walk in that pen you know everybody's out to beat you, get your check and take that top spot."

At the suggestion of Dan Hansen, a former world champion, she focused her efforts on smaller goals. He advised her to pick a total she thought would let her win world and create benchmarks by dividing that into weeks and months.

He wasn't her only source of advice.

Gonzales horse trainer and two-time world champion Don Pooley flew to shows as part of her four-person team, helping select her cattle, offering tips and keeping Greeson's horses, A Copper Spoonful and The Big Bucks, ready for competition.

He said he was proud to watch the December win in Fort Worth. Although her point values meant she didn't even need to win the finals to earn that long-sought title, she cinched both go-rounds.

"I was tickled to death," he said. "She had had a long, hard year and she finished as good as you can possibly finish."

Greeson's year-end earnings totaled $52,879.34, according to a cutting horse association news release. That includes $4,593 from the world finals.

Looking ahead, Greeson said 2013 should be a chance to get back to the hobbies she hasn't had time for this year. She plans to return to the garden and exercise her green thumb, for instance, and get to work on two old home renovation projects she has under way.

Her horses will always remain a part of her life, she said, explaining she plans to show here and there, keeping up the skills she developed throughout the year.

As for any big wins down the road, it's hard to tell.

"I don't plan to go after another world title," she said. "But I guess you never know."



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