Organizers optimistic Super Bowl charity event will grow (Video)

Rita Daniels never heard of the Table 4 Twelve band before Saturday night.

The 24-year-old homemaker donated canned goods at the Super Bowl for Charity to attend the concert.

"I know it's Christian music and it helps put food in the community," she said.

Daniels and about 40 others attended the inaugural event at Trinity Hall.

Promoter John Padierna said he's been planning the event for months. By the end of the night, he helped to collect four boxes of nonperishable food.

The Rev. Stan DeBoe, of Our Lady of Sorrows, will decide where the items will go, according to Padierna, who said he was delighted to help.

"It goes to a good cause," Padierna said.

The organizer said he promoted the concert through Facebook and the radio stations. Although the turnout was modest, the St. Joseph's High School graduate is optimistic about the event's future.

"We're going to do it next year and try again," Padierna said.

For singer Roberto Ruiz, the size of the crowd didn't matter.

"Whether we have 5 people or 100 people, we're going to bring in the Holy Spirit," he said. Ruiz was invited by Padierna. The two were high school classmates.

The San Antonio-based group sang original and cover songs such as "Lord I Lift Your Name on High."

Daniels started tapping her hands to the music. Her friend, Michelle Peoples, said the band's sound was amazing.

"I think a lot of people are missing out," Peoples said.

The 19-year-old certified nursing assistant said she attends Parkway Baptist Church. Daniels goes to Renegade Church, a nondenominational church. Both women enjoyed the praise and worship together.

"We all celebrate the same man - Jesus Christ," Daniels said.

Table 4 Twelve won a new fan in Daniels.

Daniels said the group had a youthful flavor, but any age group can relate to their music.

"Would I come back next year, oh yeah," she said.