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Our Lady of Victory School unveils time capsule buried 25 years ago

By KBell
Feb. 6, 2012 at 4:03 p.m.
Updated Feb. 5, 2012 at 8:06 p.m.

Chris Bludau reaches into the capsule while holding his breath as he retrieves items placed there 25 years ago. Those up close, like principal Sister Laura Toman and Lori Rodgers, got a whiff of the capsule's strong stench.

"I see it, I see it," students whispered between shivers on a cool Monday morning outside of Our Lady of Victory School.

Before them, shovels reversed what many of their parents had done when they were the same age as those whispering. The dug-up earth unveiled a time capsule, 25 years buried, whose contents provided a glimpse into the lives of the students who walked the grounds of the school in 1987.

"One thing I can tell you, there's not a cell phone in there," quipped Chris Bludau, one of the eighth graders who buried the capsule years ago.

With the entire school at the edge of their seats, Bludau sawed off the top of the tube. Curiosity turned to clapping. And clapping quickly turned into hands cupped over noses.

Turns out, 25 years provides plenty of time for stench to brew underground.

But with faces clenched by the smell, former OLV students revealed the contents of the time capsule.

A cell phone may not have been inside, but there was the latest technology: a floppy disk. Also inside were baseball cards, a photo of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's royal wedding, a drawing of the school, Garbage Pail Kids cards and a Victoria Advocate headlined "Dam flow may be trickled next winter."

Most of the contents were writings and pictures from former students, who seized the opportunity to remark on the popular trends from 1987.

"Oh my gosh, look at those shoes," said seventh grader Brandyn Seals, pointing to a magazine cutout of some high top sneakers.

Brandyn was poring through the time capsule's contents with his father, Kenny, who helped build the capsule in his eighth grade shop class.

His dad explained some of the fads from his childhood to his son. But Brandyn had never seen "Growing Pains" or "The Facts of Life." He'd heard of "The Cosby Show," though, another one of the popular TV shows students in 1987 wrote about.

Most of the clothing, like the unisex denim jackets, were downright foreign. But Brandyn, unbeknownst to him, actually owned an accessory mentioned in the time capsule: A Swatch Watch.

Coolest to him, though, was learning about how his time at OLV differed from his dad's, Brandyn said.

"I think it's pretty cool the school has been built up over the years," he said, after his dad told him the school didn't have central heating or cooling when he was a student.

"I hate knowing I'm that old," his dad said, smiling.



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