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Chomp! A few of my favorite eats

By by jessica rodrigo/
Feb. 29, 2012 at 3 p.m.
Updated Feb. 28, 2012 at 8:29 p.m.

Frito pie is high on my favorites list and Kountry Bakery in Hallettsville serves up a mean bowl. It comes piled high with stew meat, chunks of tomatoes and shredded cheese.

Let's face it, we live in a world where convenience reins at the top of our lists. So, it should be no wonder the registers at Kohl's now sell snacks or that the FDA is reviewing a product for inhalable caffeine. Convenience for me is when restaurants combine both breakfast treats and lunchtime eats on one menu - and Kountry Bakery is one of those places.

They have everything my inner little fat kid could ever want under one roof.

During a recent visit to Hallettsville, I stopped in at Kountry Bakery for a bite and some sweet confections. I was seeking something salty and savory, and something sweet and fluffy: Frito pie and doughnuts.

The thing I like about Frito pie is that there are several different ways of serving it. Everyone has their own method. For instance, there is the serve-it-in-the-bag method that you might see from gut trucks or trailers at fairs or carnivals. Smolik's in Cuero has their version of a barbecue Frito pie that's served up with fresh chopped brisket, beans and ladled with barbecue sauce then topped with cheese. Some do it with beans, some without, some leave off the veggies, while others pile it on.

Kountry Bakery does it two ways: plain, with just the chili and the cheese; or supreme, with onions and jalapenos on it. I ordered it plain in a small size. I also ordered a few doughnuts for later, including a chocolate and a cherry iced.

After I grabbed my sack of sweets, I moseyed to a table between two families and waited for my pie with Jonathan Hinderliter, one of our multimedia interns, who enjoyed one of their new pepper jack cheese and sausage kolaches.

My Frito pie came out piled high in a bowl and a single serving cracker wrapped in plastic. My palate was pleased when it was greeted by chunks of well-spiced, stew meat and cooked-down tomatoes.

I struggled with the mixing since the bowl was a little small, but nevertheless, it was a good Frito pie. The bottom of the bowl was a little soggier than I liked, but it was still delicious.

The doughnuts were fresh and the thick icing hit the spot after my Frito pie.

Give them a visit the next time you're in Hallettsville, and you can eat everything from breakfast to dinner during the week, including daily dinner specials.

Jessica Rodrigo is an employee of the Victoria Advocate and has a hollow leg. Follow me on Twitter @Eatseatseats and tell me where to eat, use #GOChomp. Email me your favorite list of places to eat at



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