• I also wondered why they waited a year to raid the stores when anyone can see that the products are openly on display. There are stores in Victoria presenting the same products for sale. Have they been under investigation for a year too? How much does a year long undercover operation of openly sold contraband cost? If these products are so dangerous, why did the police wait for a full year to remove them from public access? How many people were harmed by their inaction? How much money was wasted by their belaboured action? I'm also curious as to the purpose of these "drug free zones". Doesn't the law already state that drugs are illegal, therefore designating the whole country as a "drug free zone"? As for the person who posted the comment above: The cops were doing their job. They did as they were told. I think your anger should be directed at the lawmakers themselves and the leadership at the Port Lavaca PD. The cop on the street takes orders from these offices and doesn't get to choose who to investigate for a year or consider if these actions efficiently reduce public harm. The same goes for the young cashiers who were arrested for selling a product that their boss chose to sell. Should they face 5 to 99 years in prison? The demand for these products is so high, excuse the pun, that store owners risk everything to gain the large profits they generate. In this economy, who can blame them. The bottom line is drug prohibition in our country has had a devastating effect on our society. Ron Paul speaks eloquently on this issue. Our system is broken. People need to start educating themselves on how to fix it.

    January 11, 2012 at 2:44 p.m.
  • prtl pd needs to do There jobs and stop waiting there time with stupid greyarea stuff like this...
    " The investigation involved undercover work,"
    um, what? You could walk into either of those stores and clearly see they were selling kush! What in gods name took them a year!
    The prtl police need to turn there attention to one of the DOZENS of meth labs in there county, and real ones, not like the crap last year were they arested and held 4 people for 2 months as if they were murderers then droped the case due to lack of evedince, because they had in fact only "busted" a party, not that they would ever admit to this.
    This police force is a joke and gives REAL cops a bad name.
    DO YOUR JOBS! Stop wasting our money on crap like this and get REAL drugs off our streets!

    January 11, 2012 at 11:18 a.m.