Victorians capture morning's rainbow with photos

Friday morning's rainbow shines through dark clouds on DeLeon Street.

After days of drab and dreary skies, some color greeted residents Friday.

Weaving in and out of the still-thick clouds, an arched array of reds, yellows, greens and purples pierced patches of gray.

Several people paused their morning routines to snap a picture of the rainbow hovering over downtown Victoria.

The pop of color came after two days of thunderstorms and heavy rains - another gift from the sky most people welcomed in the midst of a dry summer.

And the clouds aren't leaving just yet. Forecasts through Monday are calling for consistent, scattered thunderstorms in the Victoria area.

The sun is supposed to peek out every now and then, though. Sounds like another ideal opportunity to chase the end of a rainbow - or at least take a moment to enjoy the sight.