• I have no problem with them coming here to better their lives , BUT hell do it legal ,they do work here that our younger people won,t ,,all they want is a free ride @ a high pay,, how many of our young folks will climb up on top of a overpass to do concrete rod busting, finish the concrete when it is poured,, sit on a hot asphalt machine in 103 drgree tempture, cut chop ,trim brusch on a fence on a ranch ,,hoe, chop weeds ,grass in a cotton field,, I think none ,, would you ,even if the pay rate was high,, our young people are spoiled rotten wanting high paying jobs,, so there you have it ,, but come here legal,pay you part ,, ins, housing , food, and respect the law,, don,t live trashy ,, we got white fols ,mexicans ,blacks that live this way already ,, just my thought ,,hope everyone one else agrees..on and I am white ,and 56 yrs old ,worked all my life ,so don,t go there ,, I,v been there working these jobs on a farm or ranch ,,it,s hard ,long hours of work ,as they say ,,a??holes and elbows,,

    July 26, 2012 at 7:21 a.m.