Victoria band 24-7 releases debut CD

Josh Moya, 17, lead singer of 24-7 rehearses Thursday at his manager, and band mates' home, in Victoria. The band will be releasing their debut, self titled album on Tuesday.
  • IF YOU GO:

  • IF YOU GO: • WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Friday, June 15

    • WHERE: Hastings parking lot, 5602 N. Navarro St., Victoria

    • HOW MUCH: Free

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The 24-7 band learned at a young age that the creative process of making music takes more time than expected.

These teenage artists drew from their own experiences to get started, but stumbled upon some creative roadblocks.

"It was like watching paint dry at times," said the 17-year-old lead singer Joshua Moya.

After two years of traveling to Austin almost every week, this four-piece band finally made the magic happen.

Their self-titled debut album hit the Hastings shelves in Victoria on Tuesday. Fans can also obtain copies on iTunes and CD Baby.

The album was recorded on the family's independent label, Vallejo Music Group.

"We finally are giving the fans what they wanted. It was all worth it," said guitar player Nikko Vallejo, 15.

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AJ Vallejo, Nikko's cousin, produced the CD. The Austin-based musician has also served as the band's mentor.

Band members Joshua, Nikko, and his brother Matthew Vallejo, as well as friend Christian Ruiz were glad they took their time to perfect their craft.

"I've become a better musician because of these guys," said Christian, 15.

This all-boy band developed a base through regional gigs and social media. Their YouTube video received more than 52,000 hits.

In 2011, 24-7 won the coveted title of Battle of the Bands champions at the Shrimpfest in Seadrift.

Although 24-7 plays rock, blues, and funk music, they have made a name for themselves.

"It's hard to categorize us. We have our own style," said Matthew, who plays the drums.

The group will serve as the opening act for this year's Shrimpfest on Friday. They will also host a free-concert in the Hastings parking lot on June 15.

Matthew, a 13-year-old St. Joseph High School student, may be the smallest and youngest in the band, but his family agrees he gets the most attention from girls.

"He's like our own little Justin Bieber," said his father Mario Vallejo.

He said the eclectic band strikes the perfect balance between male and female fans.

"Girls like the swag and the guys dig it too," said Vallejo, who also serves as the manager.

The rehearsal room in the Vallejo room is lined with Jimi Hendrix and Panther posters.

Parents and siblings listen from downstairs with earplugs because this group knows how to rock. After all, they were 24-7's first fans.

This band is disciplined during practice and squeezes in a polite tease in between sets.

Josh was coined "Sour Cream," Christian is known as "Pudding," while Nikko is called "Young Buck" and Matthew is "Sausage Man."

If asked how these names came about, they just begin to laugh.

Music has been in the Vallejo bloodline for generations.

Nikko picked up his father's guitar at age 4. His proud father admitted his toddler son was already more musically inclined than he was. Matthew started playing the drums when he was 3.

The band encountered some member changes due to graduations and members pursuing other projects.

After next year, the group dynamics may change again.

Josh will be graduating from Victoria East High School and plans to study anesthesiology at college.

This tight group will adjust when the time comes. In the meantime, they will continue to make music together.

Although the upcoming senior is proud of everyone in the band for reaching this milestone of the first album, he doesn't want to be complacent. They didn't want to put a label on success.

"We're not going to stop at one point," Josh said. "We'll reach our goal and make another one."