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DoubleDave's Pizzaworks has stromboli half the size of my arm

By by jessica rodrigo/
June 6, 2012 at 1:06 a.m.

Philly cheesesteaks rarely make me unhappy. I love them in the traditional form and had no complaints eating this one wrapped in a pizza crust and basted with a garlicky butter sauce. It satiated my hankering and left me with enough to enjoy at the next meal - whenever it comes.

A friend of mine once told me, "Why have just one favorite? It's like saying everything else that comes next to that is not nearly as good." It made sense to me, and since then, I haven't honed in on one exact favorite: (fill in the blank).

Right up there on my list of favorites, just along with chocolate ice cream, kimchi and Frito pies - not in any particular order - are Philly cheesesteaks. I may have said it before, but I will gladly make the announcement again: I heart Philly cheesesteaks.

So, when I read that DoubleDave's Pizzaworks offered a Philly cheesesteak stromboli on their menu, I was pretty eager to try it. I also heard they have a chocolate chip dessert pizza, which made me equally eager to try it.

On a recent visit, Luke and I popped in for pizza before we went to watch "Snow White and the Huntsman." We had about an hour to order, eat, find parking and buy tickets, and Double Dave's was perfect because it was close enough to the Cinemark that we could make it for the tail end of previews and the other shorts the creative movie gurus put together to scare us into being shunned for texting or talking during a movie.

Don't let the location of DoubleDave's deter you from popping in for a bite. It's not like other pizza joints, where there is enough room to order your pie and then wait patiently for it in a lobby the size of your bathroom.

There is ample seating and some entertainment for those who are looking for somewhere new to kill time after work. They have a pool table, an air hockey table and one of those blasted claw machines that you might be willing to spend a few bucks on. Face it, even if you're an adult - with no children, nieces or nephews - you just want to prove you can grab a fuzzy stuffed animal with a mechanical claw. I'll admit it, I am one of those people.

I ordered a a medium Philly cheesesteak stromboli and Luke ordered a 12-inch medium The Works pizza. Do take a minute to deliberate though, DoubleDave's has a lot of different things on the menu, from the make Your Own Pizza menu to favorites to the daily specials written on the chalkboard next to a tantalizing line of beer taps. I had a plan in mind. Remember, I wanted my Philly cheesesteak stromboli.

The layout is a little weird, but it works with the space - it's connected to a gas station/bakery/convenience store, remember? Find yourself a spot and prepare to enjoy the music. During our visit, the music was louder than I guess it would have been during other hours of the day, but I admit, it helped to pass the time while I danced, and showed Luke I could do the wave (no, not the cool break dance move, but the version popularized during the disco/funk era) in both directions.

As we talked and exchanged advice on dance moves, a server called Luke's name and we both raised our hands in anticipation.

The stromboli was much larger than I thought it would be for a medium size - I would say it was equivalent to about half my arm - and made me wonder how big the large size stromboli was. The inside was piping hot with sliced beef and melted American and mozzarella cheeses, and the outer crust was basted with a garlic butter sauce.

The stromboli came with a side of marinara sauce, but it sat at room temperature and would have been better heated up for the meal. Something about the combination of the garlic sauce and the steak made for salty eats. I still ate half of it and would be happy to order it again.

The Works pizza was loaded with toppings, including smoked ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, onion, mushroom, green pepper and smoked provolone cheese. The edges of the pie were crunchy, the bottom was crisp, and there was enough sauce to keep the cheese gooey and the vegetables from drying out under the heat of the oven. All of which helps make for a better pizza when there is enough for leftovers.

Jessica Rodrigo is about 5-feet tall - rounding up - if that helps imagine the size of this stromboli. What is on your favorites list? Spill your beans and email her at or send her a tweet, @eatseatseats.



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