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Teens enjoy summer romance at city pool

By KBell
June 6, 2012 at 1:06 a.m.
Updated June 7, 2012 at 1:07 a.m.

Kayla Tijerina, 9, helps her cousin Trey Guiterrez, 6, learn how to swim at the Gary T. Moses city swimming pool, which opened for the summer season on Wednesday.

With one hand pinching his nose, Xavier Yzaguirre sucked in a chest full of air and sank a few feet below the water.

With his other hand, he yanked his girlfriend's foot, pulling her away from the poolside and under water.

"He just gets on my nerves sometimes," Esperanza Espinoza said, wiping her eyes from the dunk and smiling not at all like she was annoyed.

This is the teenage couple's first summer together and on Wednesday, they decided to spend it at the Gary T. Moses Municipal Pool. They arrived a good hour before the pool officially opened for the summer at 1 p.m.

Another 250 swimmers would join them throughout the afternoon. Some shot out of water slides and some slurped down snow cones. While others gave their best splash efforts, via a cannonball, Xavier, 18, and Esperanza, 16, chatted near the side of the pool.

They mostly just hung out with friends or raced each other in the water. When Xavier said he always wins, Esperanza called him out.

Not "whenever we go down and touch the floor. He can't touch the floor," she said, adding that she wasn't going to teach him how. "I don't want him to beat me," she said.

Though this is their first time to come to the city's pool together, the couple said they always looked forward to opening day in past years.

"When I came (to the pool) with friends, we were checking out girls and stuff, but when I'm here with my girlfriend, it's different. I have respect," Xavier said, giving Esperanza a giant grin.

Xavier let go of the pool's edge to count on two hands how long the couple had been together. Six months, he settled on, to Esperanza's giggles.

"He makes me happy. He always has on a smile and is making me laugh," Esperanza said.

Plus, she's happy he's mixing it up. The season offers more opportunities for cute dates "instead of just going to the movies," Esperanza said.

Later Wednesday night, they said they may barbecue.

Sooner or later, Xavier said he'll have to find a job and start getting his responsibilities together for his senior year at West High School. But for at least this one day, teenage life was all it should be.

"We're taking advantage of it," Xavier said before holding his nose and ducking under water again.



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