Basball fans flock to city Little League championships

Coach Richard Mendoza of the VFW Southeast Majors talks his players between innings after the team retired the Cardinals out in the fourth inning.
  • P&H Goodyear

  • P&H GoodyearKristos Hernandez

    Kane Mendieta

    Kaleb Real

    Hudson Oliver

    Avery Bruns

    Garrett Gregory

    Marco Gonzales

    Dalton Green

    Keller Blackshear

    Abe Suares

    Michael Mayberry

    Evan Salais

  • Northwest Rangers

  • Northwest RangersMatt DeLaGarza

    Cade Mitscherling

    Spencer Bailey

    Reed Price

    Kyle Carter

    Brycen Castillo

    Kai Rielly

    Hunter Regvel

    Garret Mitchell

    Jake Mitchell

    Braden Henderson

  • Victoria Dental Cardinals

  • Victoria Dental CardinalsKenyan Black

    Cole Payne

    Caleb Urbano

    Kyle Smejkal

    Wyatt Hobbs

    Jake West

    Dillan Sievers

    Taizhon Huff

    Holden Alegria

    Steven Brandt

    Logan Johnson

    Lane Long

  • V.F.W. Southeast Majors

  • V.F.W. Southeast MajorsJoah Mendoza

    Isaiah Salas

    Damon Conchok

    Ryan Espinoza

    David Leal

    Tre Payne

    Jacob Martinez

    Zac Shannon

    David Torres

    Cameron Hernandez

    David Valdez


  • CHAMPIONSHIP GAMEVFW Southeast Majors vs. P&H Goodyear

    7 p.m. Saturday

    Colortyme Field, Victoria Youth Sports Complex.

The month of June may mean the end of the school year, but on baseball fields all over the country the turn of the calendar brings about the annual sight of kids running the bases.

The scene is no different in Victoria as the Little League City Championships began at the Victoria Youth Sports Complex on Friday.

"It's hard on families that have extra kids, but it's worth it," said Randy Price. "It's a lot of fun, it's a family game."

Price's son was one of 47 players on four teams that participated in the city semifinals on Friday.

P&H Goodyear beat the Northwest Rangers 8-0 and V.F.W. Southeast Majors beat the Victoria Dental Cardinals 3-0 to advance to Saturday's championship game.

"What better enjoyment is there than to see kids play ball," said Rudy Guzman.

The stands at the sports complex were filled with family members wearing their favorite team's colors, keeping a scorebook, decorating bleachers and reminiscing about their days as aspiring big leaguers.

"It brings back a lot of memories," Price said. "I was never in the city championship, but I played little league and pony league. It's fun to watch, it's fun to get here."

The players weren't the only ones with fans in the stands. Fermin Vasquez watched the Majors and Cardinals from behind the Majors bench in support of a friend on the V.F.W. coaching staff.

"Anytime he needs my support, I'm always here," Vasquez said.

Vasquez is himself a former Little League coach. He said one of the most gratifying parts of being a coach was watching players develop and improve over time.

"They get to learn and throughout the years, you see them advance," Vasquez said.

Little League Baseball was founded in 1938 by Carl Stotz and has been a right of passage for generations of young baseball players.

The annual Little League World Series is held in Williamsport, Pa. in August.

Guzman said that since retiring, he's been supporting local Little Leagues.

He said that although it's a game for the kids, the parents role doesn't end at the gate since a lot of parents and grandparents travel in support of the team and do other things to help show their support.

"If it wasn't for the parents supporting the program, we wouldn't have a league at all," Guzman said.

P&H Goodyear and V.F.W. Southeast Majors will play for the city championship on Saturday at 7 p.m.

P&H Goodyear held the Rangers to one hit and scored all its runs in the first and second innings.

Victoria Little League City Championship


P&H Goodyear 8, NW Rangers 0

NW Rangers 000 000 - 0 1

P&H Goodyear 350 000 - 8 4

V.F.W. Southeast Majors 3, Victoria Dental Cardinals 0