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Oceans For Emotions: Sea holds fond memories

By Elaine Wheat
June 22, 2012 at 1:22 a.m.

Elaine Wheat with  two of the many children that she has taken to the beach over the years.

"The sea is his and he made it: And His hands formed the dry land."

- Psalms 95:5

My "grand girls," Dyanne and Marilyn Elaine, and my great-grandson Joseph, 2 1/2years old, are coming to see me.

Dyanne is a school teacher in South Korea and Marilyn Elaine is a childcare worker in Arkansas. They both love teaching children as much as I do. I pride myself as being an educator for 52 years. I guess "What comes around, goes around."

I must see the sea and the sea see me. Every time my family comes, we find ourselves on our way to the sea. What excitement there is in seeing the same old sun, shining on the same old sea, and all of us looking forward to making new life lessons.

Dear Lord, thank you for one more time with my family at the Sea. Thank you for the precious past memories and for the new awaiting memories that You have planned for us today.



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