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Matagorda Bay Nature Park prepares for week of outdoor activities

June 27, 2012 at 1:27 a.m.

The Matagorda Bay Nature Park and the Lower Colorado River Authority will offer a week of outdoor activities.

Beginning Friday, June 29 Adventures in beachcoming and riparian discovery will begin at 9 a.m. Visitors will be able to walk and explore some of the marine mysteries of the Gulf of Mexico.

Visitors will also be able to participate in the new hybrid programing combining two of the parks most popular activities - kayaking and beachcombing.

There will also be an artist workshop on July 3.

A guided weland kayak tour will take place on Saturday, July 7. The kayak tour will be a 2.5 mile kayak course.

A free movie titled, "The Stae of the Gulf" will be shown on Friday, July 6. The one hour documentary will explore the rich diversity of the Gulf's unique ecology, diverse flora and fauna and important habitats.

Saturday July 7th at 2:00 pm at the LCRA Matagorda Bay Nature Park, Margie Crisp, writer and nationally exhibited artist, will give us her great stories from and beyond her new book, River of Contrasts: the Texas Colorado.

Released in April from Texas A&M University Press, River of Contrasts: the Texas Colorado is the fulfillment of five years' work for Margie Crisp and reverses the neglect of appreciation for the major river which begins and ends within Texas. With warmth and humor, she will share her life-enlarging experience with us, interweaving the complex stories of the River's past with the present and future using personal narrative and interviews with land owners and river people. She links local history and lore, natural history, geology and current issues.

The Colorado River is one of the most important rivers in Texas, yet is also one of the most under-appreciated. Perceptions of the Colorado have changed over time as has our relationship with water issues. After years of research, Margie can share fascinating river narratives. She will share stories about floods, dams, and especially the history of the logjam "raft" in the lower Colorado and the creation of the land bridge across Matagorda Bay.

Margie created over fifty hand-colored linocuts, lithographs, silkscreen prints and photographs for this beautiful book to illustrate the changing character of the river and its diverse inhabitants. Detailed maps of each section encourage the reader to travel down the river with Crisp as she hikes, wades, kayaks, floats, canoes, and boats the Colorado River from the headwaters at the edge of the Caprock Escarpment down to Matagorda Bay.

On Saturday July 7, Ms. Crisp will share these tales, art and maps at the LCRA Matagorda Bay Nature Park. Her book will be available for purchase and signing.

For reservations or additional information, call Matagorda Bay Nature Park at 1-800-776-5272 Ext. 4740 or visit



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