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For the Club

By adriana_acosta
March 8, 2012 at 6:05 a.m.
Updated March 7, 2012 at 9:08 p.m.

Nicasio Perez, owner of  Nicasio Salon and Spa shows Hannah Muro how to hold the clipper to shave David LaVassaur’s head.
LaVassaur  bet he would shave his head in front of club members if the cut-a-thon would raise double from last year.

All it took was a bet.

On Tuesday, members of the Boys and Girls Club of Bay City and Matagorda County watched as the executive director of the club stepped up on stage in the game room of the club to have his hair shaved off.

“Kevin tricked me,” said David LaVassaur nervously.

All this started when Kevin Anderson from the morning show bet LaVassaur get a mohawk if the cut-a-thon would raise $2,000 in four hours, he said.

Nicasio Salon and Spa hosted its 2nd annual cut-a-thon for the Boys and Girls last month, raising $2,465.

Last year they raised $1,000; their goal this year was to raise $1,200.

LaVassaur said he went to talk about the cut-a-thon on the morning show and next thing he knew, he had agreed to getting a mohawk, then agreeing to get a flat top.

“Next thing I know, I has agreed to shave my entire head,” he said.

Anderson was on stage, but did not partake in helping shaving LaVassaur’s head.

“He will be more careful next time he places a bet live on the air,” said Anderson, morning DJ for 92.5 KKHAFM.

Six-year-old Hannah Muro was first to cut LaVassaur’s hair.

She was picked for making all “A’s” in the honor roll.

“It was fun to shave his hair,” said Muro, who attends Tennie Holmes Elementary and is a club member.

After shaving part of LaVassaur’s hair, Boys and Girls Club board members took turns.

“He had to do this, he lost the bet,” Tammie Savage, Boys and Girls Club board member said jokingly.

All the money raised goes back to the club, said Nicasio Perez, owner of Nicasio Salon and Spa and official sponsors of “Healthy Habits” for the club.

Every six to eight weeks, the staff of Nicasio Salon and Spa visits the club to give presentations on hygiene, self esteem and personal image.

“Wow, that’s short,” said Levasser after he saw himself in the mirror. “In all seriousness, this was done to raise money for the club; it’s for a good cause.”



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