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Actors from independent films will make Victoria debut during festival

By by camille m. doty/
March 14, 2012 at 12:01 p.m.
Updated March 13, 2012 at 10:14 p.m.

Krystyn Lambert, 21, is one of the stars in the documentary "Make Believe."  She said that she had such a trusting relationship with the film crew she almost forgot they were there.  Her movie debuts in the Crossroads on March 24. She will perform some magic after the movie and entertain children at the Children's Discovery Museum of the Golden Crescent.

John Alex Nunnery got his first taste of acting in the independent film "The Dynamiter."

The first lesson he learned - not to look directly into the camera.

The 12-year-old Meridian, Miss., native traveled to Berlin and Los Angeles promoting his movie at film festivals.

On March 24, John, fellow actor William Ruffin, and director Matthew Gordon will do a question and answer session after the showing of the movie.

Having the actors and filmmakers interact with the audience was a part of Anthony Pedone's vision for the first Victoria TX Independent Film Festival.

Those who worked behind and in front of the camera will attend the four-day festival.

The pre-teen actor will travel with his family to the area for the first time and is excited to discuss his role.

John portrays Fess, the imaginative half-brother of the main character, Robbie Hendrick.

He said he liked playing the younger sibling for a change. He has an infant sister.

"It was like having a parent except he understands you. It's like having a mentor," he said.

John recognized the film was made on a small budget. The laughter and camaraderie was worth the slight discomfort for the sake of acting. He had to wear jeans in 100-plus degree temperatures.

Some scenes are as tense as Glen Allan, Miss., on a hot summer day.

In the movie, Robbie and Fess' mother abandoned them because she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The two adolescents are left to fend for themselves and deal with their senile grandmother.

John, the budding thespian, said it's amazing to see himself on the big screen.

"I look at my old self on screen and say 'wow'," he said.

Another youth also recalls her part in a movie.

Krystyn Lambert was a 17-year-old student when she starting filming "Make Believe." She is now a 21-year-old obsessed with magic.

Film crews followed her on her journey to the World Magic Seminar and other landmark events such as her birthday party and class presentations.

Lambert said the producers made her feel comfortable.

"I almost forgot they were there," she said.

The lady magician said her craft should be seamless and mysterious and those behind the scenes respected her need for discretion.

She described herself as a passionate individual as a teenager, which was rare. In high school she said that it's cool not to care.

The Los Angeles native and Derek McKee will perform magic and answer questions after the screening of their movie.

Lambert said she's thrilled to participate in the Crossroads' first film festival. She hopes the audience will get the positive message of movie.

"We want to inspire people," she said.



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