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Students delight in last day of school

By KBell
May 23, 2012 at 12:23 a.m.

In a sign of love, 5-year-old  Emma Urban  hugs her K-4 classmate Sydney Bohac shortly after communion on the playground, to celebrate the last day of school at Trinity Episcopal School.

If the flip flops and bathing suits didn't give it away, the tell-tale delight on their faces did.

This wasn't a normal day of school at Trinity Episcopal. It was the last day of school.

On Wednesday morning, the entire student body traded in their uniforms for summer threads, and the sanctuary for the playground.

"Some of us may be scattered. Some of us may not be back here next year, but know you are never alone. Jesus is always with you," The Rev. Bur Dobbins told students.

Under the crisp morning sun, Dobbins broke bread, and students took Holy Communion where they had spent the year fooling around with friends.

After saying "The Lord's Prayer," kindergartners Tomas Tejera and Owen Studer gave each other as big a bear hug as their 6-year-old bodies could muster.

They are best buds, the boys said, and they'll miss seeing each other every day at Trinity.

"I might go to his house again," Tomas said wishfully.

He and Owen reflected on their first year of school, during which time they visited a corn maze and decorated gingerbread men. They also learned how to read better.

On the other side of Tomas, holding his hand during the prayer, was one of the soon-to-be big kids on campus.

Weldon Briggs, 13, will be an eighth-grader next year. He said he enjoyed the informality of the last day of school that allowed him the chance to interact with the younger members of the Trinity family.

"We see them at chapel, and when we walk by in the hallways, we say 'Hi,' and learn their names," he said. "We like the little kids here. They're funny and nice."

Whereas Tomas and Owen were looking forward to going to Sea World over the summer, Weldon will travel a little farther. He's going on an African safari with some of his family, he said.

Weldon is already geared up for his final year at Trinity, during which he said he hopes to become president of a club, play sports and get good grades.

But first, he's got a whole summer ahead of him.

"I'm real excited and ready to get in the pool and just have a break from school," he said.



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