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Salutatorian urges students to 'never give up'

By Jennifer Lee Preyss
May 24, 2012 at 12:24 a.m.

St. Joseph High School salutatorian Jaclyn Boozalis looks forward to visiting China and studying biology and music at Washington University.

Jaclyn Boozalis has always been second at St. Joseph.

But the 18-year-old St. Joe salutatorian, said second place has done her well.

"I knew about the class ranking. I've been No. 2 the whole time," Boozalis said. "I was excited and grateful because I wasn't trying to be salutatorian. I was trying to survive and do the best with my grades."

In a few months, Boozalis will depart Texas for Washington University in St. Louis, a midwest elite college, to pursue an undergraduate degree in biology and music minor.

"I haven't really decided what I want to do yet. There are so many more opportunities in science that I haven't even been exposed to yet," Boozalis said. "The more I'm around science, the more I enjoy it."

While at St. Joseph, the science-minded academic managed to accomplish more than a noteworthy grade point average. She also racked up an impressive and diverse extracurricular schedule, participating in such activities as extemporaneous speaking, speech and debate team and tennis. Boozalis also found a love of the arts while matriculating at St. Joseph, participating in varsity choir and theater.

"I enjoyed theater because it required a combination of skills," she said. "I had to become a character, which took a lot of courage. I'm not always the most confident person."

Boozalis said when she looks back on her high school years, she'll miss her friends the most.

"I'm probably going to miss the choir a lot. I got really close to the girls and my brother, who was the only boy," she said.

She hopes the years to come will be filled with future academic success and international service-oriented travels.

For her outgoing classmates, she offers a piece of final wisdom, "Never give up. Keep calm and carry on."

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