• Mr Hanson,
    You are completely correct in that restaurants or bars or convenience store clerks who "sell" alcohol to obviously drunk (and sometimes not so obvious)customers can and should be held accountable, if then said customer causes injury to others by being under the influence. This situation is different. Schlumberger provided the fishing trip...not the alcohol, and the story clearly states "that if anyone wanted to drink they had to bring their own ." Other than a moral lapse on someones part in letting this man get behind the wheel in his condition, there is no basis for this suit against Schlumberger. Plenty of basis against the individual (whom I am sure has been sued as well) but none against Schlumberger. These types of baseless lawsuits, just because a large corporation is connected, are the worst type of extortion. Lawyers have convinced this couple that they should be compensated by the "big fish"(on the chance of millions) instead of the "small fish"who was obviously at fault.The lawyers have convinced them of this even though they have evidently moved on quite well from their injuries. Both work in Dubai? One regularly runs races? Although I can't say for sure it seems doubtful that this lawsuit(against the big fish) was this couples idea?!?!? Yes there will be a lifetime of medical bills. That is what insurance is there for. I pay into mine religiously for short and long term disability and boosted life through work and individual policies. I drive to and from work 70 miles round trip and have seen to many accidents to not provide for this possibility. Primarily I believe the Lawyers are hoping that by tying the "big fish" up in the courts, and thereby costing them millions, that they will tire of it and just pay a settlement for it all to go away. This case is a prime example of why there is such a need for tort reform in this country, and why Lawyers in general are despised by so many. In case my point was lost in there....The individual supplied his own booze,the individual decided to drive under the influence, the individual is responsible. Quit wasting my tax money and the courts time on unscrupulous lawsuits.

    November 23, 2012 at 3:38 a.m.