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Fans continue to build East-West rivalry (video)

By Carolina Astrain
Oct. 13, 2012 at 5:13 a.m.

Makayla McDonald, 15, reacts to a play at the  East/West rivalry game Friday evening at Memorial Stadium. McDonald was dressed as a teletubby because she said "The Redder the Better" to cheer on Victoria West.

Although neither one of them went to Victoria East High School or Victoria West High School, Kendrick Brown and Willard Matthews watched the game intently.

The 20-year-olds both graduated from Memorial High School before getting caught up in the division.

In 2009, Memorial High School dissolved into Victoria East and Victoria West, mirroring the former rivalry that existed between Stroman High School and Victoria High School.

"I'm rooting for West," said Reginald Jones, another Memorial alum. "I'm disappointed with the game."

By the start of the halftime homecoming game, the Titans were hot in the lead with 34-13 points against the Warriors from Victoria West High School.

After the end of this school year, students who attended Memorial together before the division will no longer walk the halls of the identical rivaling high schools.

"It'll be more exciting for the community," Brown said.

Without the shared bonds of Memorial, Victoria football fans speculate a more heated rivalry between the schools.

"It's going to get so much more intense," Matthews said. "More fans, more football."

A few bleachers behind them sat seniors Celina Rodriguez and Adam Salgado.

"It's pretty chaotic," Salgado said. "People have been posting Facebook statuses about it."

But despite the bickering, the senior said he's still close to his former classmates at West.

"It's all in love and fun," Salgado said.

Stroman alum Sandra Kennemer remembers the rivalry between her alma mater and Victoria.

"This is a little different," Kennemer said. "It's friendlier."

Her son, Tyler Kennemer, played as left guard for the Titans last year.

"I didn't lose friends after the divide," the Titan alum said. "We stayed united, even on the field."

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