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Paisley Rekdal up next at ABR series

By Carolina Astrain
Sept. 24, 2012 at 4:24 a.m.

Paisley Rekdal's writing is sort of like that Björk song you can't get out of your head.

It's not the writing or the beat that sticks with you, it's the scene that stays - that moment that you've sat through before.

The award-winning author is able to deliver a strong, intimate scene in a mere 20 words or less.

Rekdal will give a reading at the University of Houston-Victoria's Alcorn Auditorium at noon Thursday.

At the reading, Rekdal said she hopes to incorporate a pecha-kucha style presentation of her book "Intimate."

"You get 20 slides and you get 20 seconds for each slide," Rekdal said. "It's such a hard book to read straight from, so I figured if I did a pecha-kucha, people would get a real sense of what the book is about."

Despite her Chinese and Norwegian ethnic background, the author said she considers herself mono-cultured.

"I've had a lot of experience living in both Asia and America," Rekdal said. "I'm very American, which is one of those things living in Asia teaches you very quickly."

The associate professor of English said her own hybridity has shaped the way she looks at the elements in her writing.

"It's a certain kaleidoscopic presence that you have," Rekdal said. "Your appearance is always changing."

In her book, "The Night my Mother Met Bruce Lee," Paisley wrote about teaching English in South Korea and a visit she took to Taipei with her mother.

Rekdal said she was constantly asked about her background because her ethnically ambiguous appearance.

"It's funny being a litmus test for other people's ideas of nationality and race," Rekdal said. "It's kind of exhausting but I have to say I sort of think of it as a gift."



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