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Top 5 First Responders

By Jessica Rodrigo
Sept. 26, 2012 at 4:26 a.m.

Below are the names of other nominees, in no particular order, for the Top First Responders of the Golden Crescent:

Noe F. Miranda

B.B. Browning

Robert Boyd

Kevin Allen

Jesse Garza

Edwin "Eddie" Ellis

Chris Guerra

Nicholas Strauss

Randal Schlauch

Raymond E. Jimenez Sr.

Jimmie W. Heiman Jr.

David Baros

Rey Herrera

Terry Simons

Sylvia Ragusin Martinez

Alanzo A. Morales Jr.

Alcoa Response Team: Carlos Delgado, Theopris Turner, Roger Razo, Michael Shimek, Michael Douglas, Ruben Zarate, Bryan Duval, Leonel Perez, Sam Ables, Dustin Adian, Brian Baros, Gary Broughton, Robert Clark, Tom Engelgau, Charles Longoria, Jesse Phillips, and David Wheeley

When we are confronted with an emergency or hurt in an accident, the first people we often rely on for help are total strangers - people who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving the public. In the Golden Crescent, these are the quiet heroes, the trained professionals who work to preserve calm when our lives are in chaos.

These people were chosen by you, our family, friends and neighbors for their dedication to serving people in times of need.



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