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Fashion tips with Haili Z: The Modern Bride

By Haili Z
April 4, 2013 at midnight
Updated April 3, 2013 at 11:04 p.m.

FAR LEFT: A elegant casual look with a light frill on the edges of the dress and a hi-lo hem makes it easy to maneuver the dress on the big day.

Although I am upmost traditional in apparel selection, and I style brides on various occasions, I have started to notice a widespread trend in the wedding world - brides are now opting for something other than a white dress. Brides opt to feel elegant on their big day, so why are they now straying away from white?

Houston Designer David Peck offers a modern line for these modern brides, providing floral and elegant prints and fabrics that are tres chic, perfect for those seeking out something entirely different from the norm.

Some modern brides do still go with the traditional white the dress, but the gown may be structured in way brings a different take to a traditional look. The neckline or the way the dress is gathered could complete a perfectly white wedding gown. The modern bride usually goes for a bird-cage veil and anything-but-ordinary accessories.

Peplums have taken the fashion world by storm and have also made their way into the bridal scene. David Peck's new line the peplum gives emphasis to the waist on a cocktail dress made for a chic, modern bride.

A modern bride also has the option to take on an elegant, casual look. This look completely encompasses a beach bride. The fabric would be light, maintaining the elegance of the dress in structure and style. The designer gives a light frill on the edges and a hi-lo hem to easily maneuver the dress on the big day.

These are dresses that call to the modern bride and encompass the style and the look - completely straying away from the traditional and embracing the new.

Haili Pue is the president of All Ze Details. Visit her website at



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