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Ohrt twins share field at Goliad since seventh grade

Keldy  Ortiz

By Keldy Ortiz
April 22, 2013 at 11 p.m.
Updated April 21, 2013 at 11:22 p.m.

Davis Ohrt, right, throws a ball to his twin brother, Denton, as they practice Thursday at Goliad High School. The twins play center fielder and catcher, respectively, for the Tigers.

The only time Davis and Denton Ohrt competed against each other was in the sixth grade.

"It was in a basketball league, and that was weird," said Denton.

The Ohrt brothers, each 18, are twins and have been teammates since the seventh grade. They are seniors at Goliad now, and they've played on the same baseball, basketball and football teams all four years.

This year, though, figures to be their last playing together.

The two will be going their separate ways for college.

Denton will attend Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, and Davis will go toVictoria College.

After their last baseball game this spring - which they hope will be in a championship game - they will graduate in May.

Their athletic journey together will be over.

"We share a room together," Davis said. "It's going to be something to get used to."

Goliad baseball coach John Mares has coached the twins since they were sophomores. He said he hasn't had siblings who have quite the same dynamic as the Ohrts.

"They don't let each other slack," he said. "You couldn't have two finer kids. They are in constant concern with each other."

Denton and Davis are not identical twins, and their characteristics prove that. Davis considers himself the more aggressive person, while Denton is laid back. Davis enjoys hunting, but for Denton, not so much.

During football season, Denton was unable to play because of a shoulder injury, which kept him from playing his senior year.

"I just remember how sad he was about not playing," Davis said. "I just remember scoring a touchdown, and I saw how happy he was. I told him 'That was for you.'"

In baseball, Denton plays catcher while Davis patrols center field.

"There's no other person I would want to bat in a clutch situation than my brother," Denton said.

Davis and Denton's father, Jay, has enjoyed every bit of watching them play. He has also coached them, but sports is not the only outlet that they use to get together.

"We hunt all the time," their father said. "We'd go camping. I have a daughter, too, and we would all go and have a good time."

While sports are popular in the Ohrt household, academics are top priority.

"My standards are a lot higher than the school," Jay Ohrt said. "My wife and I both have made sacrifices for them."

Senior first baseman Joseph Lujan also played with the Ohrt twins in football. They seem inseparable off the field, he said.

"If one comes, they all come," Lujan said. "We're usually doing things together."

Mares said graduation day will be a tough for him. The team will miss the brothers' presence, he said.

"The school is going to miss them," Mares said. "They are both a class act."



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