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Regional ballot listings

April 27, 2013 at 7:05 p.m.
Updated April 27, 2013 at 11:28 p.m.

Deceased incumbent on Shiner school board ballot

BY SONNY LONGSLONG@VICAD.COMIncumbent Rusty Mills, who was seeking re-election on the Shiner school board Place 5 seat, died in mid-March, but his name must remain on the ballot, officials say.

Mills died March 12, but his name remains on the school board election ballot.

State election law dictates that his name must stay because Mills applied well before the application deadline.

Shiner school district Superintendent Trey Lawrence says holding the election that has no other contested races besides Place 5 will cost about $3,000.

Max Moore III filed to challenge Mills, and incumbents Dan Stafford in Place 3 and Tim Kalick in Place 6 are both unopposed for re-election.

If Mills wins, the school board will appoint someone to his seat for a one-year term. Then the seat will be placed on the ballot again next year for the full, three-year term cycle, said Lawrence.

"Since there is no city election, we have no one to split the cost with," Lawrence said. "It's been interesting trying to explain it to the public. It's the law.

"We'll see how it turns out."

Calhoun County


City Council: District 4, Greg Falcon, Port Lavaca, incumbent; Rosie Padron, Port Lavaca. District 5, Jim Ward, Port Lavaca, incumbent; Aristeo Partida, Port Lavaca.

Calhoun County school board: District 3, Bill Harvey, unopposed. At-large, one to be elected, Linda Bonar, 61, insurance office employee, Port O'Connor, incumbent; Cheri Whatley, 48, travel manager, Port Lavaca; John Kurtz, 20, marine employee; Mark Howell, 52, engineer, Port Lavaca.


City Council: At-large, three to be elected, Jack LaBarge, retired, Seadrift, incumbent; Wesley Hunt, carpenter, Seadrift, incumbent; Johnny Mikolas, site manager, Seadrift, incumbent; Mary Anthony, Seadrift; Trinity Christensen, self-employed; June Cantrell, Methodist pastor

DeWitt County


City Council: District 1, John Fuqua, incumbent, 64, sales representative. District 4, Roy Johnson, incumbent, 73, retired. At-large, two to be elected, W.T. "Tony" Allen, incumbent, 67, retired; Bill Matthys, incumbent, 66, paralegal; David Ruiz, 60, self-employed.


School board: At-large, three to be elected, Jerry Steves, 62, incumbent, retired; Barry M. Watson, 49, chief financial officer; Sarah Hahn, 33, business owner; Patti Harbers, 60, retired; Carole Mueller, 66, substitute driver; Todd Metting, 48, contractor.

Special ballot issue: Chapter 41 to approve options to equalize school district's wealth.

Goliad County

City Council: At-large, three to be elected, Buddy Zavesky, 65, Goliad, incumbent, funeral director; Lionel Garcia, 55, Goliad, incumbent, self-employed; Vicki Rubio, 39, Goliad, incumbent, assistant manager; Roney Powell, 68, Goliad, retired; Patricia "Liz" Garcia Holsey, 63, Goliad, retired teacher; Eric Lee Garza, 30, Goliad, driver.

Goliad school board: District 6, Richard A. (Dick) Mollicone, 78, Goliad, incumbent, engineering manager; Michelle Reitz, 38, Goliad, manager.

Jackson County

Special Election: Emergency Services District No. 3, proposed new taxing entity to fund Fire and EMS.


City Council: At-large, three to be elected, Carl Russelburg, 53, retired, Ganado; Calvin Callies, 50, incumbent, warehouseman, Ganado; Robin Bauerle, 80, incumbent, retired, Ganado; Blake Petrash, 28, incumbent, office manager, Ganado.

Lavaca County


City Council: Mayor, Warren Grindeland, 63, incumbent, contractor; Nancy Braus, 66, retired. Place 2, Gene Chandler, 69, incumbent, general manager of oil-field company; Richard (Bugzy) Neilson, 69, retired. Place 5, Cindy Renken, 55, incumbent, insurance agent.

School board: Place 4, Kyle Taylor, 51, sales; Kevin Myers, 42, facilities director; Herbert C. Beyer Jr., 58, pastor. Place 5, Paul Cook, 66, incumbent, rancher. Special election to fill unexpired term Place 6, Robert Lundy, 42, Hallettsville, financial adviser; Audrey Vaclavik Barrera, 44, homemaker.


City Council: Mayor, Ervin Patek, 67, incumbent, mail carrier. Place 1, Lester Hohensee, 76, incumbent, auditor; Diane Rothbauer, 49, office manager. Place 2, Minnie Lee Fisbeck, 80, incumbent, retired; Travis Hill, 51, attorney; Jeremy Buehring, 32, carpenter.


School board: Place 3, Dan Stafford, 48, incumbent, veterinarian. Place 5, Max F. Moore III, 38, technician; Rusty Mills, 47, incumbent, unemployed. Place 6, Tim Kalich, 48, incumbent, engineer tech.

Refugio County


City Council: Mayor, Ray Jaso, 74, retired, incumbent; Joey Heard, 55, ranch hand; Ron Nelson, 60, retired. Alderman Place 1, Karen A. Watts, 58, dental assistant, incumbent; unopposed. Alderman Place 2, Richard Ramirez, 63, owner and operator; Wanda H. Dukes, 64, retired; Manny Govella, 60, cook; Michael Rocha, 50, part time at the post office.

School board: District 1, Eugene "Bull" Lewis, 63, incumbent, retired; Lisa R. Varela, 45, deputy clerk at Refugio County courthouse. District 5, Edith Collins, 64, retired, incumbent; Laura Ann Ramirez, 30, municipal court clerk for the city of Refugio.


City Council: Mayor, George Hernandez Sr., 64, jail administrator, incumbent; Larry Jochetz, 34, agriculture sales. Place 1, Ralph Cisneros, 69, roadhand; Julian Garcia, 67, retired; Jason "Nappy" Andrade, 27, corrections; Jeanette Chandler, 69, homemaker, incumbent. Place 2, Debra Bolcik, 56, incumbent, beautician.

School board: Place 6, Tim Moses, 41, manager, incumbent; Brian Hicks, 44, safety manager.

Place 7, Robbie Blaschke, 36, sales manager.




City Council: At-Large, three elected, Mitchal McBride, Troy Baxter, Linda Brush.



City Council: Mayor, Rene Hernandez, incumbent; At-large, two elected, Jerry Alvarez, incumbent, Shawna Lamprecht.


City Council: Place 1, Tim Faulkner. Place 2, Tim McCoy. Place 3, Annie Rodriguez. All are incumbents.School board: At-large, Brian Schoenemann, incumbent.Yoakum Hospital District: At-large, two elected, Roger L. Lee, Gery B. Maneth. Both are incumbents. Special election to fill unexpired term of Jim Witte: Linda Schmidt.


City Council: Mayor, Katherine Payne. At-large, two elected, Roberta Hale, Larry Baucum. All are incumbents.School board: At-large, two elected, Lynette Metting, Paul Baumann. Both are incumbents.


School board: District 1, B.J. Drehr. District 2, Gerard Gonzales. Both are incumbents.

DeWitt Medical District: At-large, two elected, Charles Papacek, Richard Weber. Both are incumbents.


Goliad school board: District 3: Brandon Huber, incumbent.



City of Edna: No election planned.

School board: District 6, John C. Morrow. District 3, Patrick Brzozowski. Both are incumbents.


School board: Position 1, Donnie Tegler. Position 2, Pierce Thedford.

Industrial school board: At-large, two elected, Lee Lewis, Delano Kinsfather.

Jackson Hospital District:

No election planned this year.



City Council: Mayor, Fred Henry Hilscher; At-large, two elected, David Schroeder; Mark (Jake) Jalufka. All are incumbents.


School board: Place 1, Sheryl Zimmerman. Place 2, Gernadette Geissen. Place 3, Stephanie Fojtik.



School board: District 3, Jorge A. Jaso.


School board: Place 3, Wade Ruddock. Place 4, Josephina Farias. Place 5, Greg Duenez. All are incumbents.


City Council: District 1, Karen Clark. District 4, Angela Waller. District 5, Orville Downs.

Refugio Hospital District: No election planned this year.



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