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Flip Flop Festival welcomes competition, music

Aug. 28, 2013 at 3:28 a.m.

Schedule of Events


• 7 p.m. - Opening band

• 9 p.m. - Grupo Atrapado, Grupo Anaya, Grupo Vidal, Alexis Chapa featured on La Voz, Los 6 de Durango


• 9 a.m. - Sand sculptor Fred Mallett begins

• 10 a.m. - Kid Zone opens, washers tournament, beer garden opens, Stars & Stripes Cloggers

• 11 a.m. - Parkway Live Band, Dance Company performs

• 1 p.m. - Crossroads Cloggers Performs, Adan Davila musical performance

• 3 p.m. - Rhythm of the Road performs

• 4 p.m. - Fling Flong contest and awards

• 5 p.m. - Barbecue competition awards

• 7 p.m. - Opening band

• 9 p.m. - Alexis Chapa, Philip Griffin, Reckless Kelly performs

If you go

• WHAT: Flip Flop Festival

• WHERE: Bayfront Peninsula, 2300 state Highway 35, Port Lavaca

• WHEN: 7 p.m. Friday; 10 a.m. Saturday

• COST: Free, but concessions and drinks will be sold

• FOR INFORMATION: Call 361-552-2959 or visit

Tips on how to take home the gold (or silver)

  1. Wear your biggest, heaviest flip-flops - The ones with the big turquoise cross or rhinestones or the hidden bottle openers probably have the most weight. Leave the Crocs at home. Physics tells us that momentum = mass x velocity, which means the larger the flip-flop, the further it will travel.

  2. Use a full swing - It's the same principal behind kicking a field goal in football - projectile motion - if you can put more power behind your kick, then your flip-flop will travel more distance upon release. There are multiple factors involved, but the most important one is momentum; the greater the momentum behind the kick, the more distance you can get.

  3. Time the release - You want to give your flip-flop a nice arc. If you let it go too soon, you'll risk it hitting the ground and bouncing around before finally landing. If you let go too late, you risk a high-flying flip-flop that might end up behind you rather than in front of the you. Plan for release about halfway through the kick to give it some nice air time in direction of your target.

  4. Have fun - You've only got one shot at it, so you might as well make it count. Practice at home if you need to, but remember, it's just a contest. No name-calling.

By Jessica Rodrigo

No need for fancy footwear at Port Lavaca's premiere event Labor Day weekend.

Come celebrate the Flip Flop Festival's fifth year on the bayfront peninsula. There will be music, shopping and, of course, flip-flops.

Jennifer Schulte, Port Lavaca Chamber of Commerce festival director, said this year's event will be even larger than years past. There will be more music, kid's entertainment, shopping and food for all the guests of all ages.

The two-day event begins Friday with live entertainment from Tejano bands Grupo Atrapado, Grupo Anaya, Grupo Vidal and other performers.

Saturday, the festival will be an all-day event starting with a sand sculpture by professional artist Fred Mallett, of Port Aransas.

"It going to be a our logo with a huge castle behind it," Schulte said. "It's going to be about 6 or 7 feet tall. It's going to be pretty big."

The sculpture will be set up with a viewing tent so guests can watch Mallett work throughout the day, she said.

A variety of inflatable bounce houses will be set up for children's entertainment, and there will be more games for them to participate in, Schulte said.

In addition to the games for children, there will be a washers tournament and an International Barbeque Cookers Association barbecue contest that will begin Friday.

How complete would a Flip Flop Festival be without a Fling Flong contest?

"We invite anyone who has flip-flops on to come," she said. "The one that goes the furthest gets the gold."

It's not rocket science, so all participants need is a pair of good ol' flip-flops to compete. Each person will stand in a line and try to kick their flip-flop off their foot as far as they can to win.

There have been anywhere from 30 to 50 people competing at one time, she said, though she hasn't competed herself. Winners will receive a coveted trophy, prizes donated by the community and bragging rights until next year's festival.

Saturday's music includes the local talents of Parkway Live Band, Adan Davila, Rhythm of the Road and will close out the evening with Alexis Chapa, Philip Griffin and Reckless Kelly.

The entire event is free to the public, and money collected from concessions and other sales will go back to the community in the form of scholarships and contributions to better Port Lavaca.

Flip-flops are a staple and popular choice for residents and visitors in Port Lavaca, Schulte said.

"Being a relaxing city on the coast, the one common thing you see with fishing and water recreation and sports - and walking through the town shopping - is flip-flops," she said. "It's something to celebrate - the fact that you can come and relax and get away any time you come here - this represents that."



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