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Coaches' wives bring spirit to season opener (video)

By Julie Garcia
Aug. 30, 2013 at 3:30 a.m.

From left, Jenny Leggett, Laura Duprie, 5-year-old Jacob Reyes and Tammy Reyes, all family of Victoria West football staff, cheer and unroll streamers after West scored a touchdown and extra point in its home opener against Lockhart at Memorial Stadium.

You can call them The Coaches' Wives Club.

They huddle in Section D right below the press box and scream for the Victoria West Warriors every week - and that's where they were Thursday night when West faced off against the Lockhart Lions.

The group of women is decked out in a basic uniform of red Warriors T-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes.

And they're the ones throwing red and black streamers when West scores a touchdown.

They bring all the essentials to each game: a bag full of pom-poms, a megaphone and rolls of streamers to quell the superstitions.

Legend has it that if someone even touches a streamer before West scores a touchdown, it's "bad juju."

One time, Jenny Leggett made the mistake of grabbing a streamer as the Warriors were about to score. The team did not end up making the play, and she never heard the end of it, she said.

"It's a big deal," said Tammy Reyes, who sat next to Leggett. "We bring the streamers to away games, home games."

The loudest and most spirited of the Wives Club is Erin Boyce, who is married to Courtney Boyce, offensive coordinator for West.

The former high school cheerleader said she was passionate about football before she married a coach.

"I really lucked out," Boyce said.

The Boyces have been involved with West football since its inception in 2010. Before that, her husband coached in area schools and in Fort Worth.

"It means so much to our family now - this is life," Boyce said, adding that she would never miss a game.

Reyes mentioned that Boyce never sits down during the entire game - she is always finding a reason to scream her support whether the Warriors are doing well or not.

"I try to get everyone to cheer loud and to get everyone yelling," Boyce said. "They have to have our support when they're playing this game."

When Jacob Armstrong caught a pass at the 20-yard line in the second quarter, Boyce, Leggett, Reyes and the rest of the spirited group of friends sounded the cheer alarm.

"I was crazy on the sidelines, too," Boyce said about her experience as a cheerleader. "I'll be here all night, screaming until I lose my voice."

"All right, Warriors! Let's go! Shake it off! Let's go!" Boyce yelled shortly before halftime.

West has no shortage of spirited crusaders, but with a booming voice and cascading streamers, Boyce and her superstitious crew have the rest of the crowd beat.



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