History is warning about path of America

Editor, the Advocate:

In the 1900s, numerous times countries allowed themselves to be led like sheep. First, freedom of speech was limited; government was done behind closed doors. Freedom of religion was trampled on. Laws were changed by individuals instead of the legislature. People were made dependent on government for all their needs like food, health care, housing and spending money. Then guns were restricted and finally confiscated. Look at history. You will see that every time, hundreds of millions of people died, and things progressed to the point that citizens were unable to defend themselves.

People, read your history books (the ones we grew up with, not the rewritten ones used in schools today), and follow the path and progression we are on today.

People, wake up! We are headed to our own destruction because we are not speaking up and taking action.

Herb Koehler, Cuero