Crossroads residents reflect on Nelson Mandela's death

Question: What impact did Nelson Mandela make on the world?


Name: Michael Hummel

Age: 71

Residence: Victoria

Occupation: Retired Victoria College history professor

Answer: "Nelson Mandela personified some of the best traits that anyone can possess and that we should all have. He was dignified, compassionate, respectful of others, long-suffering through a terrible ordeal, modest and he was committed to equality - a man for whom I have the upmost respect. I wish there were more people like Nelson Mandela."

Name: Delaney Rosales

Age: 20

Residence: Victoria

Occupation: H-E-B employee

Answer: "Our generation really did lose somebody that was really important to us. It's probably one of the most important bits of news we've had all year along. A lot of people my age don't understand that he's a really important person."

Name: Matt Wiley

Age: 29

Residence: Victoria

Occupation: Victoria College associate professor of mathematics

Answer: "I am saddened by the loss of Nelson Mandela. He was a great person who accomplished difficult, almost impossible things. He was important and kind and humble - rare qualities indeed. Yet, I can't say we are diminished by his loss, because without that loss, we would never have gained his desperately needed impact. His work lives on, his life force ripples on through its effect on those he touched as they in turn touch others.

Because it is his beliefs we need - humility, leadership, strong conviction and grace. To realize we spend precious moments on this planet together and that separation and isolation is both cruel and unwise. To realize that within each of us is the power to shape the world for the better. That was his hope, and he gave it away freely."

Name: Lola Ojo

Age: 18

Residence: Houston, originally of Nigeria

Occupation: University of Houston-Victoria freshman studying biology

Answer: "It's very depressing. It's going to be very hard to see South Africans go through this, but I know they will have support from other regions. Nelson Mandela has very strong impact on not just South Africa but all of Africa. My parents have the upmost respect for him. My father has a portrait of him in our home."

Name: Macarena Hernandez

Age: 39

Residence: Victoria

Occupation: Victoria Advocate Endowed Professor of the Humanities at the University of Houston-Victoria

Answer: "Nelson Mandela was an advocate for South Africans, and even when he retired, he was out in public doing advocacy work. He was such a celebrated advocate and leader - probably one of the most well-known champions of democracy in the 20th century. I'm teaching my students about Mandela right now. Some of them feel so disconnected from South Africa, but once they read the book, they realize that injustices that happened there happened here.

I'm curious to see what my students are going to say. He captured the global imagination and attention of the world. He has an extraordinary story as an icon of democracy and a symbol of peace. He ushered big changes in South Africa, but it still has a long ways to go."

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