Thank you to angel who returned lost purse

Editor, the Advocate:

Some time back, I left Wal-Mart in a heavy downpour and drove across the street to Walgreens for one more stop. I looked for my purse; it wasn't in the car. Total panic hit me. I had $1,000-plus inside. I started crying and praying and tore back across the street to Wal-Mart, looking for my buggy to find my purse in it.

I found the buggy - no purse in sight. In the pouring rain, I ran in the store to customer service and stood in line, quietly crying and praying. The clerk told me no one had turned in a purse; I was devastated. She told me to wait awhile. I decided to go back to my car to look one more time for my purse. I came back in, and she said a lady came in to report she had found my purse. She found my address and was personally taking it to my house. I shouted, "Thank you, Jesus!" I hurried home, and my purse was already there.

Thank you to my angel, who not only reported that she found my purse, but took time to take it to my home. Thank you to my angel a thousand times over. God is good.

Alice Sparkman, Victoria