Building Report for Dec. 5 to 11


This is a listing of building permits issued by the city of Victoria from Dec. 5-11 for new commercial construction, commercial remodeling, new residential construction and manufactured homes.


• Lauger Companies Inc., 1806 Nimitz St., $195,000.


•  Rokyta Custom Homes LLC., 3612 Swan Drive, $89,000.

• Rokyta Custom Homes LLC., 3303 Swan Drive, $89,000.

Manufactured Homes

• There were no manufactured home placements reported for this week.

Building values listed in this graphic are based on averages used by the city to assess fees charged builders for construction permits. The estimated costs do not necessarily reflect actual sale values or values used to figure property taxes. The city requires permits to be issued when new or used mobile homes are moved to or within the city.