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VC's Phi Theta Kappa welcomes 37 new members

Dec. 21, 2013 at 6:21 a.m.

Victoria College's Phi Theta Kappa welcomes 37 new members.

Phi Theta Kappa Chapter Inductees

Brittany Berger

Jacqueline Bohannon

Whitney Brown

Valrie Brown

Wade Brown

Hillary Cisneros

Tara DeBord

Dena DeBord

Gail Dentler

Allysa Flores

Kandice Fouberg

Madeline Foxell

Arthur Garcia

Brooke Glover

Bianca Gonzales

Katelyn Gutierrez

Taylor Hamilton

Sarah Hammack

Keri Herman

Jonathan Hernandez

Kelly Ann Holford

Brent Howard

Kristen Jurica

Allison Marak

Ashley Mcgaharan

John Pearce

Javier Ramirez

Cheyenne Repper

Shannon Sadler

Lance Schultz

Alex Shu

Bryan Stefka

Kristopher Stolte

Zabdiel Vallejo

Akshay Verma

Nicole Vickery

Brandon White

Victoria College's Zeta Gamma Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society recently welcomed 37 students into its ranks. The honor society recognizes academic excellence of two-year college students.

In 2013, Victoria College's Phi Theta Kappa chapter traveled more than 8,000 miles in three states and visited five cities in Texas from El Paso to Fort Worth, engaging fellow honor students and communities on the hallmarks of scholarship, service, leadership and fellowship.

Victoria College is currently the home of Division II International Vice President Toni Marek.

"This year, our Honors in Action project focused on making STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) more accessible to middle school students through a String Theory Coloring Book," said Matt Wiley, the chapter's faculty advisor. "We continue to be a five-star chapter and are committed to being a 'risk-free leadership laboratory' where students can further develop soft skills, engage with their community and implement their newfound knowledge."



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