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Christmas light displays attract crowds (w/ video)

By Sara Sneath
Dec. 23, 2013 at 6:23 a.m.

Michael Jones' house on Wellspring Boulevard makes a Christmas statement covered in lights that not only glow but also move to music played through speakers on the house. Starting  about 5 p.m. and continuing until 11 p.m., a musical light show starts on the house every hour.

Ricky DeLaGarza, 57, of Victoria, was at home last Monday night when his daughter and two granddaughters decided to take him on an adventure.

They drove him behind Victoria College and down a quiet residential street, where in the distance he could see the red and white Christmas lights of a house on Loma Vista Avenue twinkle.

As they pulled up, his daughter turned the radio dial to 107.1 FM, and DeLaGarza witnessed strings of lights flicker to the wail of electric guitar riffs.

"This is so cool," DeLaGarza said. "It sure brings the Christmas spirit out in you."

Robert Diaz, the owner of the home, said this is the first year his family has strung animated lights. This year, he wanted to make an impression for his 9-month-old twins' first Christmas.

"I switched to all LED lights so they bounce around like that," Diaz said.

The display includes wooden cutouts of cartoon characters that the family makes and paints themselves, he said. All five years his family has lived in the house they've added to their Christmas display, Diaz said. Neighbors have stepped up their game as well, Diaz added.

On the north side of Victoria, a new family to town is putting on another impressive Christmas display.

Mike and Stephanie Jones said their lights, which also flash to music, have brought traffic all the way out to their neck of the woods at Capstone Estates. Mike Jones said the family moved to Victoria nine months ago from Waller, bringing their light display with them.

Stephanie Jones said when Mike was in the Navy, they weren't able to celebrate Christmas together one year. Since then, celebrating the fact that they're together has always been important to them, she said.

"When he got back, it really meant something," she said.



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