Regency Nursing and Rehab helps family

Regency Nursing and Rehab employees and volunteers gather to assist families: front from left, Connor Weempe, Madisyn Weempe, Amanda Weempe, Brooke Testerman, Emily Conti, Renae Rolette and Jay Andrew; second row from left, Debra Rossi and Allison Hassinger; third row from left, Derek Lopez and Kace Gandee; and back from left, Joe Conti and Sean Sheehan.

Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers employees and volunteers helped local families through the Angel Tree by providing each family with gifts.

Brittany Hamilton's family was one family who received help.

Earlier this year, Hamilton's life and the lives of her five children drastically changed when their Victoria home caught fire.

One afternoon, she and her sister were running errands when she received a call that her house was on fire.

"I got a call from the babysitter saying my house was on fire. Of course, the first thing I thought about was the safety of my kids," Hamilton said. Her children were fine, but she lost everything.

The fire was caused by an electrical malfunction from the dryer, she said.

Without a home, she needed to rely on her family.

Her mother lived in Houston, so the Hamilton family moved there. Unfortunately, the move wasn't their best choice. Hamilton was struggling with the insurance claim, and her mother was battling cancer.

That is when Hamilton moved her family to back Victoria.

"The people around me in Victoria are a different type of people. Everyone is really nice and generous," she said.

When Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers found out about the family's needs, the staff pitched in to help. The children turned in their wish lists, and Regency employees got to work.

"Everyone pitched in to help. It really was a group effort," said Renae Rolette, Regency's Angel Tree coordinator.

Hamilton didn't tell her children about the surprise, so when Regency employees showed up to her house with packages and a bike for each child, they were excited.

"The kids were having a great time, riding their bikes in the yard and looking at all the gifts under the tree. Giving back like that just makes everyone feel great," said Rolette.