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Security systems can sync up with smartphones, tablets

By Jessica Rodrigo
Jan. 7, 2013 at 11:03 a.m.
Updated Jan. 6, 2013 at 7:07 p.m.

Rusty Calvez, with VCS Security Systems, demonstrates how the Lynx 5100 touch-screen security system works. The system, which secures your home, can also be turned on or off using a remote similar to a car key fob. There are also mobile applications that allow homeowners to control the system by arming or disarming is via your smartphone or tablet.

After taking the step of buying and investing in a home, it's a good idea to protect it with an easy-to-manage security system.

Rusty Calvez, who is in charge of residential and commercial sales at VCS Security, offers a system that can cater to any couple's needs. The 12-year sales associate said the Total Connect Remote Services can help protect priceless valuables and control a number of other amenities in the home.

The Total Connect system, created by Honeywell, is an integrated program that uses wireless devices along with in-home systems for homeowners to keep track of what's going on while they're away.

If the couple leaves for work, Calvez said, they can use an application on their smartphone or tablet that will sync with their security system.

"It's just like you're standing in front of your own keypad at the house," he said. "It's makes connectivity to the home so much easier."

The program allows homeowners to check whether the system is armed or disabled, with an option to receive text messages or email if there is any activity while they're gone. As long as the devices have access to the Internet, he said the couple can check the safety of their home - even while they're away on a honeymoon or vacation overseas.

Depending on how high-tech the homeowners want to be, they can have everything installed from basic door sensors to video cameras with live stream capabilities.

Calvez, who also oversees the installation teams, said installing the system can take less than a day to secure a small- to large-scale home. He added that the process requires no drilling or pulling cables and wires through the walls because everything is done with wireless equipment. Once everything is installed, it's also easy to add to the system if more security is needed or if other controls are desired.

Calvez set up his own system to control the lights, temperature and garage door at his home remotely.

"You can use the system from an energy management standpoint and program it to follow your activities," he said, explaining that couples can adjust the thermostat to lower or higher temperatures when they are home or away.

Calvez said homeowners who use the Total Connect Remote Services love the convenience of being able to check on their home while they're away.

"Once they have it, it's nice to know what's going on at the house."



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