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Mother-daughter time at Queen Victoria pageant show (photo gallery)

Jan. 26, 2013 at 11 p.m.
Updated Jan. 27, 2013 at 7:28 p.m.

ABOVE: Jenna Lynch is escorted on stage by Colton Eichler while Marilyn Ratliff, far left and Kayla Ratliff, far right,  hold back the curtains. Jenna was one of four contestants for the Queen Victoria crown in this year's pageant.

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Six-year-old Lauren Bowen just finished introducing herself to the crowd during the Queen Victoria Pageant show.

Waiting for her backstage was her mother, Tiffany. Anxious to return to the stage, Lauren was happy about competing for the second time.

"I feel excited," she said. "The difference is that you have dresses that are not the same from what you wore last year."

Bowen was giddy that her daughter was in a competition that she participated in as a child. Bowen was among the girls in Saturday's pageant who followed in footsteps that their mothers left years ago.

"It's a mom-and-daughter day that I enjoy," said Tiffany Bowen about the competition. "I get nervous speaking in front of people. I want her to be prepared when she gets older."

The Queen Victoria Pageant show Saturday was the 50th anniversary of the event. Girls ages 6 to 18 competed, while boys up to age 7 participated.

Bowen decided to put her daughter in the show again after she enjoyed being part of last year's competition.

Unlike the young Bowen, another contestant, Jenna Lynch, 17, has been competing in the Victoria pageant since she was 10, following in the steps of her mother, Sherry.

Lynch said she learns something new every year.

"You make new friends," said the senior at Victoria East High School. "I learn that it's not just wearing a crown. It's about helping the community."

Her mother recalled the competition taking place at the area community center when she competed as a youth.

Lynch said her daughter didn't really know much about the competition when she first competed, but over the years their relationship has grown because of the shared experience.

"This is something really fun that we do together," Lynch said. "Some of the friends I had today were from the competition. Jenna has lifelong friends that she made through this."

Spending time with her children is what Monica Chavana enjoys of the competition. Along with her younger daughter, Alexa, 5, her oldest daughter Madison Amador, 16, also was in the competition.

"It's been busy, but I wouldn't change it," said their mother. "They really enjoy this."

As for Jenna's mother, she looks forward to the future when her daughter has children competing.

"I hope we can still do this when we have granddaughters," she said.



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