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Photo Story: Toxic Fuse leans toward making its music more meaningful

Chuck Miller

By Chuck Miller
July 11, 2013 at 2:11 a.m.

Chris Ordonez stands playing his guitar with his band Toxic Fuse. Formed in 2005, Toxic Fuse plays for the fun of it. "We just wanna play," said Ordonez. "We didn't care if anyone liked us." Toxic Fuse plays in bars across the state, including Austin and Corpus Christi.

Not for money or glory but for the love of music, area band Toxic Fuse was formed in 2005 just because members wanted to play.

"We just closed our eyes and jammed - loud," said Chris Ordonez, lead singer and one of two original members. "We didn't care if anyone liked us."

Chris and his wife, Melissa, formed the band because they wanted a new reputation from their first band, Alcoholic Helltones, whose songs were mainly centered on sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

With Toxic Fuse formed, the band could now take a new direction. "I wanted to write songs that were meaningful," Ordonez said.

Over the next eight years, many new members came and went from the group, and Melissa had to be trained on multiple instruments.

"He needed a bass player. Didn't have one, so he showed me how to play bass," his wife said.

Same went for the drums, but over the last couple of months, two new members have helped fill the voids.

Victoria residents Chris Scott and Justin Hernandez are the newest members of the band and have enjoyed their time with the group. "It's fun; that's the best way to describe it," said Scott, who is on drums.

Hernandez, the lead guitarist, has enjoyed just being able to play.

"I just want to play music," he said. "I just do it to have fun, not for money or anything like that."

So with a new motivation and musicians, Toxic Fuse likes the new direction they're going in.

"Nothing is gonna stop us," Melissa said.



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