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Test Kitchen: Fried egg sandwich with a kiss of sweetness

By Jessica Rodrigo
July 17, 2013 at 2:17 a.m.

This fried egg sandwich is a great use of ham leftovers from Easter or Thanksgiving or from the deli section at your area  grocer. I like to caramelize some brown sugar on my ham to add a little bit of sweetness because sometimes breakfast calls for something sweet and savory. If you feel like scrambling your eggs, go right ahead.

Fried egg sammy with sweetened ham

Makes one sandwich

• 1 or 2 eggs

• A few slices of ham

• Enough brown sugar to lightly coat both sides of the ham

• 2 slices of bread, toasted or not

• Enough butter to fry an egg

• Mayo, optional

Prepare eggs as desired (I dig my eggs over easy so I can sop up my yolk with the crust of my bread). Place cooked egg(s) on bread/toast and set aside. In the same pan, in residual melted butter, fry sugar-coated ham slices. Cook until sugar is caramelized, then flip. Once second side is done, fold and place on top of the eggs. Add mayo if you fancy it, otherwise, top with second slice of bread and enjoy warm with potatoes.

Pan-fried potatoes

Serves 2-3

• 3-4 potatoes, soaked in water, then drained

•  About 1/4 of a small onion, diced

•  Cooking oil of your choice

• A few pats of butter

• Salt and pepper to taste

• Red chili flakes (optional)

Melt enough butter with oil to saute the onions in a pan over medium-high heat. Once the onions are fragrant and translucent, add potatoes and thoroughly coat with oil and onion mixture. Once coated, season with salt and pepper and let the potatoes cook in pan undisturbed for a few minutes. When the potatoes appear browned on the bottom, take a flat cooking spatula and flip. Cook to desired doneness and serve hot.

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Eggs, bread, milk and butter have long been essentials on grocery lists and continue to prove their worth in the kitchen to this day.

Eggs are easy to prepare for any meal of the day. Bread is versatile for on-the-go snacks like sammies and PB&Js. Milk does a body good.

And butter helps to lubricate the throat when eating. Just kidding. But really, butter is an important ingredient in all sorts of recipes.

When the pantry is running low, brinner is always a nice go-to option. And breakfast, for me, is always a mish-mash of salty and sweet. There is the saltiness from the bacon or sausage and then the sweet from syrup on pancakes or strawberry preserves on toast.

This version of a fried egg sandwich combines the two in the easy and quick brown sugar glaze on sliced ham. If there are leftovers from the holiday ham, use that or use the sliced deli ham - either will do. Try not to burn the sugar because that will impart a bitter flavor. If that sounds good, leave it in the pan a bit longer.

Have a recipe or a dish you want my to try? Email me at or tweet me via @eatseatseats. I'm always hungry.



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