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Bach Festival percussion trio dances to beat of a different drum

By Jessica Rodrigo
June 5, 2013 at 1:05 a.m.

Line upon line percussion will perform at the Golden Gecko at noon Thursday for the Victoria Bach Festival. They are, from left, Adam Bedell, Matt Teodori and Cullen Faulk.

Line upon line percussion will bring something different to the lineup of Victoria Bach Festival's noon performances.

The trio - Adam Bedell, 28, Matt Teodori, 27, and Cullen Faulk, 26 - will perform at the Golden Gecko with some newer sounds of contemporary percussion music, including Steve Reich's "Drumming" and Iannis Xenakis' "Okho."

"Both of those composers are considered fathers of modern percussion music," Teodori said of the group's drum repertoire. "They're not exactly old pieces when you put them next to Bach, Mozart or Beethoven."

The group formed in 2009 when they were looking for a way to continue making music together after performing in the percussion ensemble at the University of Texas at Austin. They've worked together ever since as line upon line percussion, producing unique sounds and traveling around the country playing music.

For their performance, they will transform the Golden Gecko into a music hall set with drums of different sizes, metal pipes, pitch bell plates, tam-tams (an instrument similar to a cymbal) and more.

"The exciting thing about percussion music is that it's as much visual as it is audial, so it could be entertaining to go and see all the instruments that we're playing and also get to listen to live music," Teodori said.

Victoria Bach Festival Executive Director Nina Di Leo is excited to have the group on the schedule this year.

She said the group may still be young, but they are making their name and their work known.

"I'm proud of them for doing their composing and commissioning new work," she said. One of the commissions from their performance will include "A Man with a Gun Lives Here" by Steven Snowden.

Thursday evening, pianists Melissa Marse and Faith DeBow will perform with Victoria Bach Festival Chamber Music Artists for Under The Influence at the Leo J. Welder Center.

The group's performance will include music from Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johannes Brahms.

Di Leo explained that the program will follow the themes of the three famous composers.

"They're going to be really big, emotional pieces," she said.

Marse and DeBow will lead the group through the program, which will include music by two musicians and group performances with a quartet.

"Sometimes its easier in a small group to hear the individual voices of each instrument and the interplay between them," said Di Leo.



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