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Photo outtakes of an Advocate photographer

June 6, 2013 at 1:06 a.m.
Updated June 9, 2013 at 1:09 a.m.

Cadence Huse, 4, takes a few steps forward from the crowd as she prepares to pray during the invocation at the Warrior's Weekend Field of Honor dedication ceremony  May 14 at Faith Family Church. The Field of Honor received more than 2,500 flag sponsorships, making it the largest field the event has had to date. I loved the contrast of this little girl against all of the praying adults. There just wasn't enough space in the paper for this photograph to make it in that day.

People are often surprised when interacting with Victoria Advocate photographers when they find out just how many photographs we actually take.

For any given assignment, I can take hundreds of frames. (That's photographer speak for a single image. I prefer to only call the good ones photographs.)

From these hundreds of captured moments, I usually narrow them down to about 15. From those 15, as few as one can end up in the paper.

Sometimes it's an issue of a photograph not fitting the story we are setting out to tell. Sometimes it's a technical issue that just cannot be resolved. And sometimes it is just a lack of space in the paper.

Since the invention of the Internet, photographers can now share an infinite number of photographs with readers.

However, the Internet just doesn't carry the same weight and sense of pride that we get from seeing our work in print.

So what happens to these photos that have nowhere to go?

Some of them end up in photo galleries. Some are posted to a blog. And for me, most end up in a folder on my desktop or my hard drive for me to stumble upon one day and wonder why I never saw them in print.

So here's to opening up those folders and letting the forgotten moments see the light of day and some much deserved ink on paper.



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