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Graduation jitters at Bloomington (video)

By Carolina Astrain
June 7, 2013 at 1:07 a.m.

Bloomington High School graduates from left, Jasmine Rivera, Abigail Rivera, Andrew Ramos and Nelia Pedraza cheer as they walk from the school to the auditorium before Friday night's graduation ceremony. More than 50 graduates walked the stage to receive their diplomas.

A teacher opened the cafeteria doors, calling out for hairpins in the rain.

"I need some straight pins in here," she said before returning to her Bloomington High School graduates, helping them pin their hats to their heads.

The atmosphere was relaxed and intimate among the crowd of 53 graduates.

A girl lamented, "This moment, right now, I feel gross. It's so humid."

The girls wore colorful dresses underneath their forest green robes, while the boys had bright, stylish bow ties around their collars.

A flash of farewell photographs between the graduates popped in between outfit assessments.

Principal James Pieper gathered the graduates around and instructed them on ceremony procedure.

"Does anybody need a tie?" he shouted. "This is the first year I've only had to give away one."

At the end of his graduation reminders, he congratulated the class for completely reading and turning in their reports on George Orwell's "1984."

"You guys actually read the book all the way through and finished all your papers," Pieper touted. "And I probably still need to turn in a paper from the '80s."

Zach Depine, 18, wore a decorated cap with gravel, grass, farm animals and a mini tractor glued on top.

It was an idea inspired by a trip senior Chelsie Herman, 17, made to Hobby Lobby earlier to decorate her own cap.

H-E-B grocery bags lined the high school gymnasium with post-graduation treats inside.

As the graduates entered the auditorium, the seniors chanted back-and-forth to each other, "2-0," and "1-3."

Senior Eunice Lara, 18, who decided to graduate a year early, stood alone at the end of the graduates lining up for photographs.

"If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself to spend more time with my friends," Lara said. "Forget about all the fights and have fun."

As the graduates were lining up, we asked them "If you could go back in time to freshman year what advice would you give yourself?"

"Turn in all your homework and be patient with all your teachers." - Eunice Lara, 18

"Don't mess with your teachers, they make your grades." - Brandy Markle, 17

"It would be to try harder in academics so I could have been valedictorian." - Adrian Luis, 18

"To play sports and have fun and enjoy my freshman year." - Alejandro Aguirre, 18

"Probably to study harder and be more dedicated in school." - Maximillano Aguayo, 17



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