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Comedy shows hit Crossroads

By by jessica rodrigo/
June 19, 2013 at 1:19 a.m.

Please, do not disturb

Bill Engvall isn't the only comedian in town this weekend. "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, actor and all-around funny guy D.L. Hughley will be taking the stage at the Golden Gecko, too. The Victoria bar/club/venue has brought a slew of big names to our area, including Mr. Brown and Cedric the Entertainer, so it knows what it's like to have a house full of laughing guests.

It's simple, really, said Joey Sandoval, owner of The Golden Gecko - no cellphones, cameras or recording devices during the shows. Think of it as a movie theater. You wouldn't be telling your friend about how awful your date was last week with that guy from work during a movie, so don't do it during a comedy show.

"People paid to see them, and they don't pay to hear you talk to your friend or blab out to the comedians," he said. "People pay a lot of money to see these shows, and they can miss a joke when someone is talking beside them or being too loud."

Not every guest will follow the rules, he said, and he's had to tell people to stop talking or put their phones away but has yet to kick anyone out. But he will flex his muscles if the need arises.

"Victoria has a real good comedy crowd," he said. "All the comedians that come to the Golden Gecko love Victoria."

Get ready to laugh.

High-caliber names have come to Victoria, from Steve-O to Rodney Carrington - and it's only a matter of time before bigger personalities and comedians hit the Crossroads en route to other venues in the area or in the country.

It seems as if that time has arrived. This weekend, Victoria welcomes two big names in comedy for a weekend of guffaws and side-splitting laughs.

Bill Engvall and D.L. Hughley will grace two of Victoria's prime venues for six shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Both of them took the time to talk to Get Out for about what life has been like on the road and what other projects they're chipping away at.

Bill Engvall brings the laughs at stand-up shows in Victoria



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