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Goliad Library becomes kids movie theater (video)

By chirst
June 28, 2013 at 1:28 a.m.

Goliad resident Miguel Gair, 5, watches "Wreck it Ralph" at the Goliad County Library. Free matinees are offered Mondays. Drinks and snacks are provided.

GOLIAD - Going to the Goliad County Library is fun.

It has the normal stuff, like books, which are pretty cool, said Maci Tinney, 9.

But the Goliad Library also has some extra stuff, like magic shows, wildlife rangers coming to talk and even free Monday Matinees complete with popcorn.

Maci, who said the long summer can get pretty boring without a lot of friends to play with or things to do, comes to the library every Monday with her little brothers for the free movie along with about 30 other kids.

Claudine Janota, Goliad County librarian, started the movie day in the summer three years ago to give kids something cool to do during the summer and to give the parents a little break.

"There is no place to go in Goliad; there is not a lot to do, and the few things that are here, like the camps and things, a lot of kids don't have the luxury to be able to do that," Janota explained.

She said the movies give the kids something to do and get both the parents and the children into the library.

Maci's mom, Megan Anderson, of Goliad, used Monday's matinee time to catch up on laundry.

"It is just something for them to do in the summer. It is so hot outside, and it is nice to come inside and know they are with good people and being taken care of. And I get a break and can read a book while I'm here or get caught up on my chores," Anderson said.

Anderson also brings the kids each Thursday for the Goliad summer reading club, so her kids can keep learning.

Bobbie Vowell, a Goliad parent, also brings her daughters, ages 6 and 7, to the movies and the reading day.

"The reading program is educational, and it is so they don't lose what they learned during the school year. It is a good opportunity to be active in their reading, and they get to enjoy it and be with their friends at the same time," Vowell said.

Maci, who sat cross-legged on the floor watching "Wreck It Ralph" on Monday, said the movie day is maybe better than going to the movie theater because the popcorn is free and she gets to go with just friends - parents don't normally stay for the show.

She also gets to see movies that aren't in theaters that she has never seen before, like "Sandlot," which she said was very good.



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