• The Advocate requires identification before a letter to the editor will be published. But when the anonymous skulkers start "blogging" it is no holds (or goofy idea s) barred such as this one. Skulkers hide out in the hills until the battle is over and then come down to bayonet the wounded and rob the dead.

    ("There's no need to justify gun ownership because gun confiscation is only being discussed by one side. Stating the obvious is a waste of time unless you think your opponent is not well versed on the topic and you have to come down to their level...I believe that we have evolved and we are much more civilized,although it doesn't always seem that way....I imigine in the 1800s,80 % of the households had a gun but today it's down to 34%" Which proves what? A point the the NRA makes. "Cutting down on the NUMBER of guns and more restrictive gun laws DOES NOT cut down on the gun violence. .

    Roy Mark

    March 13, 2013 at 10:41 a.m.