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Superintendent undergoes first evaluation

By Carolina Astrain
March 21, 2013 at 9:01 p.m.
Updated March 21, 2013 at 10:22 p.m.


These are a few of the 2012-13 accomplishments the Victoria school district superintendent listed in his self-evaluation to the VISD board of the trustees.

• Implemented five homework centers for at-risk campuses including F.W. Gross, Shields, Rowland and O'Connor elementary schools, the Family Connection Center, serving Patti Welder and Stroman middle schools

• Implemented a School Resource Officer partnership with the Victoria County Sheriff's Office. Seven SROs and one sergeant available to support and secure VISD schools

• For the first time, all VISD buses are equipped with security cameras.

•  Implemented Federal Programs Procedural Manual, which includes district, state and federal expectations

•  Adopted a budget without using the fund balance and designated $1 million for instructional initiatives.

• Installed wireless networks at Mission Valley Elementary, Howell Middle School and Guadalupe Elementary. This completed wireless implementation at all VISD academic campuses.

•  Extended the hours at the homework centers at each high school to 8 p.m. on at least two days of each week.


The evaluation process

The Victoria school district superintendent is evaluated on the district's seven goals.

• High student performance and academic achievement

• A safe, secure and nurturing learning environment

• Optimum educational resources

• Responsible to student needs

• Highly qualified and effective personnel

• Open, effective communication

• Involvement of all parents, students and community

In other business

The VISD school board officially canceled the May election because all the candidates were unopposed.

A $2,000 per month medical consultation agreement between VISD and Dr. John McNeill was approved.

Superintendent Robert Jaklich, 55, received his first evaluation from the Victoria school district board of trustees Thursday evening.

Board members met in the closed session for more than two hours after the public portion of the school board meeting.

"Everything went great," Jaklich said after the meeting. "I'm proud and honored to serve at the superintendent of schools for VISD."

The board extended Jaklich's three-year contract by one year with a 6 percent salary increase, which will make his annual pay $251,220. The increase will occur July 1.

Jaklich said his evaluation will remain confidential.

Since his start date, the superintendent has overseen changes in high school class scheduling and upgrades to campus safety protocols and procedure before and after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Additionally, under the new superintendent, the district has paid for each student taking Advanced Placement exams, expanded staff professional learning communities and conducted weekly walkthroughs at all campuses.

Recently retired Patti Welder Middle School counselor Barbara Sutter said she thinks the weekly walks have been one of the best changes Jaklich has brought to the district.

But Sutter also said she hopes to see a decrease in the amount of time spent testing and an increase in time spent teaching.

"We are testing our kids way too much," Sutter said. "I hope he can step up to the plate this next year and give kids more time for learning instead of testing."

Sutter emphasized the need to develop students' social skills as well as their academics.

David Garza, an agriculture club booster president, said he's been pleased with the job the superintendent has done so far.

"In our case, he's helped us get funding for projects at the ag club barn," Garza said. "He stands behind what he says."



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