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Victoria home show helps create dream homes

By Melissa Crowe
March 22, 2013 at 10:05 p.m.
Updated March 21, 2013 at 10:22 p.m.

Thousands of varieties, finishes, cuts and edges exist in countertop options. The 2013 Home Product Show hosts endless options to redesign or build a kitchen from scratch.

Anyone looking for an upgrade can find all that and more this weekend at the 2013 Home Product Show.

Pam Borchert, executive vice president of the Builders Association of Victoria, said she expects about 2,000 people to visit the two-day event.

"Most are people who are interested in what's new remodeling or building," Borchert said. "This is the place to go to see it all - a one-stop shop."

Patrons can talk to the experts, test out new products and - if they want to make a commitment - can even purchase or order the elements to jazz up their homes.

Zak Koenig, president of the builders association, outlined five key areas to watch for people who are building or remodeling a space.


Seamlessly tie your kitchen together with granite countertops.

With thousands of varieties and dozens of finishes, cuts and edges, you'll find the perfect fit.

"Just go in with an open mind," Koenig said. "You're going to find something that just catches your eye, and you have to have it."


While tile is nice and carpet is comfy, wood is king when it comes to flooring.

Koenig said keep an eye out for wide planks with 6 or even 8-inch widths. Distressed finishes are also holding a place in the market. Not only are they right now's "look," but that finish also hides wear and tear, Koenig said.

"For years, we stayed away from putting wood in kitchens, but we're doing a lot more of that these days," Koenig said.

Window Treatments

These's aren't your mother's window treatments.

Curtains and drapes take a backseat to natural wood wide-blade blinds.

Depending on your budget, faux wood or painted blinds might be a better option.

"People are going with pretty, standard white; good, clean finish and a wider blind also," Koenig said.

He said to look for blinds with blades about 2 to 3 inches wide.

Behind the Walls

If you're remodeling or building and plan to splurge on one product, go with high-quality insulation.

Koenig recommends foam insulation.

"It's very energy efficient, and it can save you money on the long term," he said.


The details you put in the home can make all the difference.

If you have new cabinets or granite countertops, don't skimp on the plumbing fixtures.

"People are going with more of a commercial look," Koenig said.

That industrial style includes everything from big gas ranges, cook tops and utility sinks with commercial-style faucets.



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