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Prom Princess gets hair, makeup fixed (video)

March 26, 2013 at 8:05 p.m.
Updated March 26, 2013 at 10:27 p.m.

Jennifer Zinke has her eyes done by Cassie Olsen to show off her different makeup options for prom Tuesday at Hair Dimensions. Victoria Advocate readers can vote for their favorite makeup look for the prom princess online.


March 27-April 2 - Readers vote on hair and makeup selections.

To vote go to


Cindy's Place: $120 spa package. The Royal Treatment includes a facial, manicure and pedicure.

McAdams Floral: Corsage

All About the Dress: Dress, jewelry and shoes

Hair Dimensions: Hair and makeup

Tanique: Spray tan

Guardians of the Ribbon: Escort the winner and her guests to dinner and prom in either the pink fire truck or the pink bus

• Damsel In Defense: A bundle of defensive items designed for women to use against attackers

all winners

We heard repeatedly from readers during this process that all three girls were deserving of the Prom Princess title.

We agree. All three finalists had great backstories, and each deserved to win in her own right.

The voters may have chosen Jennifer Zinke as the inaugural Victoria Advocate Prom Princess, but the other two girls will go to prom as well - thanks to the generosity and goodwill of a few Victoria residents.

Skye Lynn Valdez and Megan Koepp will attend the Victoria East prom with expenses paid.

In this case, all three stories have happy endings.

The dress

Jennifer Zinke will wear a dark turquoise gown by Tony Bowls LeGala priced at $489, courtesy of All About the Dress.

A wide smile whipped across Jennifer Zinke's face as she settled into the black salon chair.

Her mother Denise Zinke, 42 and sister Amanda Lu Montez, 24, hovered over her stylist's shoulder admiring the careful detail taken on the 18-year-old's styling.

On March 17th, Zinke was named the Victoria Advocate's Prom Princess, after a family friend nominated her for the business community-sponsored prom package.

As Zinke was being pampered, her mother paced the room in a panic, trying to figure out what day she needed to make her daughter's tanning and pedicure appointments that are part of the prom package.

Scheduling the sponsored beauty appointments had proved to be a challenge for the busy teen.

In addition to being a senior at Cuero High School, she also works part time at Cuero's Tractor Supply Company.

Stylist Cassie Olsen, 31, carefully twisted and ironed Zinke's hair.

Olsen, one of the salon's 16 creative design team members, was chosen by salon owners Celina Pena, 31, and celebrity stylist Joe Anthony Pena, 40, to create three different looks for Zinke.

"Braids have been in style this year," Olsen said. "Lots of waterfall braids and buns."

Montez watched as her little sister was primped and pampered.

The older sister laughed as Zinke told her stylist about her usual preferences.

She's usually the one who fixes Zinke's hair for such occasions, their mother said.

Montez, who is undergoing chemotherapy, wore a black semi-sequined scarf to cover her head that is balding because of the treatments.

"It's nice knowing I won't have to go through the stress of doing it this year," Montez said. "I'm really picky about certain things, so it would have taken me a while."

Zinke went through three different styles on Tuesday.

After all the styles were tried and the makeup was complete, another stylist dyed Zinke's hair a dark brown.

The first style was a classic down-look with cascading, stiffened waves.

Her makeup for the initial look was accented by a black, smokey eyeliner technique.

For the second look, Olsen lifted the top part of Zinke's strawberry blonde hair and wove it into a thin braided mass above long flowing, curly hair. Her makeup was bare, natural with a rosy cheek touch.

The third hair style proved to be one of Zinke's more practical looks.

Circled locks crowned a large, elegant bun that kept her hair just above her clavicle and out of her face.

Olsen topped off the final look with fake eyelashes bordering electric green eyelids.

"My mom didn't like it," Zinke said. "I love it."

As Olsen pasted fake eyelashes on Zinke's eyes, the high school senior's face turned to a stoney calm.

"I kind of like that," her sister said. "It's kind of wild."

After her high school graduation, Zinke said she plans to shave her head to match her sister's.

"Our sister bonding time was when she used to do my hair and makeup," Zinke said. "This year will be a little different, but she's going through every single step and process with me along the way."



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